EQOA Pronounced dead? March 29??


Well they finally did it. Free to play though!

In case you’re wondering what the people who work for SOE look like. This is the guy that released the statement…

Eric Cleaver aka Piestro Photo courtesy of Facebook.


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5 Responses to EQOA Pronounced dead? March 29??

  1. alutra says:

    what do you mean free to play?

  2. February 29th EQOA accounts on March 29, 2012, they are shutting down the following games, Cosmic Rift®, Infantry®, Star Chamber: The Harbinger Saga and EverQuest® Online Adventures.

    Ever quest is very dear to me! How can they possibly can to shut down years of people’s lives dedicated to their hobby. I have 10 years worth playing time and relationships! Why is it called ever quest? Please help us stand up and say EQ! http://saveeverquest.webs.com and e-mail saveeverquest@yahoo.com
    please spread the word throughout G4 forums Facebook & Sony please sign up and join the boycott
    thank you dearly Saveeverquest

  3. Perp says:

    I was never much of a gamer till I played everquest. Tried many other MMO’s and they just didnt do it for me. Hard to believe to know that the game is gone.. Years or playing, the multi accounts I paid for even if i didnt have the time play now is gone. Everquest got me through Some bad times. Nasty car accident and some nasty surgeries. Yes it was a sad day for me. Met tons of great people and had many good laughs.

    Now it’s gone and hard to say farewell.

    Woowoo 60 CLR PPO
    Mrpig 60 Clw PPO
    Nickers 60 Clr CLW

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