Hollows, trees, pixies, bixies, brownies, and more…

Run through any jungle or forest in some mid-level range and you’re bound to pull a few random casters. The worst were the pixes, brownies, drakes, and bixies in northern Murnf.  Quests like the emerald drake or wolfwere infections became an instant pain the ass thanks to these chain casting pricks. They say that the Titanic wouldn’t have sunk if it had just gone directly into the iceberg. This strategy is similar to how to handle getting attacked by a caster in the woods near Murnf. Don’t run away and just try to kill it. Otherwise you’ll collect a train of these beasts and all but guarantee your demise.

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1 Response to Hollows, trees, pixies, bixies, brownies, and more…

  1. Northax says:

    Yep. I remember always getting my coach in Murnf at very low levels, so everything was red to me and I always had very low health because of my low level (low single digit low… seriously!) I’d easily die in one hit or nuke, but I always forced myself to keep going and get my coaches over with, not having to worry about them as I level up. It also made me able to avoid many bad things out there at higher levels. Good training. 🙂

    But castors were always annoying to fight! Everyone I know always dreaded them!

    Xrags were easily tolerated and only because we finally had the ability to get crafted gear to max out our AR! I cannot imagine what it would have been like if we had no AR maxed out!

    Anyway, that was near the latter years of EQOA (as far as I played, at least); before all the crafted gear, we had to deal with these casting bastards the hard way! >:-O

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