Level 3: Let’s Play EQOA!

Note: I’m going to be constantly adjusting the format to get it to something that isn’t as cheesy or as hard to read as the previous post.

I have to speak with some guy named Crow Darkside. I doubt he’s in the Qeynos Theatre still, yet I’ll run around clicking R1 until I target him. Most likely the guy is in the next room. Once I find him, he tells me that I need to kill badgers and return 2 smashed badger eyes.

If I remember correctly, most of the badgers roam behind the Inn by the coach.

There are a ton of these things out here… yet none are dropping the damn eyes. I have teeth, furs, paws, and other random junk that I suppose anyone with a knife could cut off a badger. For one reason or another, my F’n rogue won’t cut the eye out and smash it.

After a long time of killing these guys:

I’m in desperate need of health. Stonesy only has 60 health points and each of these badgers are able to get a hit of 4-5 damage on me.

Unfortunately I can’t eat all of this damn badger meat. 13 slices and it does me no good. I can’t even build a fire to cook this crap. But wait… I have 20 muddy gnoll paws in my inventory. Or, at least they look like gnoll paws.

BAM! Trail Rations, bitches! x20 for that matter. They heal at the lightning fast rate of 3 points every few seconds. In an hour, I’m back at full health and return to killing these badgers. I finally get the two eyes and make my way back in to town. Before I head in though, I stop by a merchant and sell off everything but the smashed eyes. I have 1.2k tunar, which I use to buy the Boon of Hagley.

After talking to Crow Darkside again, he rewards me with a new spell called Sneak; which allows me to walk around invisible. I also ding to Level 5, thanks to boon!

Before I take a break, I seek out the rogue trainer and buy the following spells, sans sneak.

Tumbler’s Grace improves dexterity.

Caltrops is a DoT and Sneak Attack is an additional melee.

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2 Responses to Level 3: Let’s Play EQOA!

  1. Erosil says:

    Finding this blog has really got my eqoa rash itching like crazy, but no matter how much I want to return, I cannot think of any reason to keep handing over money to soe every month for a game that never gives anything in return. I did come back about a year ago but most players didn’t single-box and were rich beyond their wildest dreams. Cms, spells, armor, you name it, they have it. Can’t fault them for staying with the game though. Hunt and gather quests really turned me off to the game as well.

    I had a few 60s but far from completing epics and cms. Never really got into the endgame because I liked making new toons and group grinding. I considered myself a casual player even though I would say I have a good 3 years of playing.

    Just wondering if there are a few people like me out there who ARE playing again and if there are guilds who understand my plight. The last guild I was in was great, but heavily concentrated on raiding and rarely helped the 99%. Hopefully, there is a guild filled with people like me and encourage people to come back (myself included!). If not, then eqoa will always be in my heart and I’ll be putting all my eggs into the EQ Next basket.

    • Stonee says:

      Hey there! I agree to some extent on paying for nothing. You pay to play the game, but yes, SOE fails to use your entire $14.99 toward development of the EQOA world. As for everyone dualboxing and having tons of gear/cms… it’s semi-true but there’s an upside. I came back and within 2 months had a toon that could run with the best of them. It’s an overwhelming feeling to return to a game that’s full of players that have been dedicated for the past 7 years and their account shows it. But take it 1 step at a time, put yourself around fun people, and keep in mind that it’s just a game. If you do return, contact Wreckuiem or Wreckula for information on joining a helpful guild. Best of luck!

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