Let’s Play EQOA! Levels 1 and 2!

If you know what a Let’s Play series is, basically people play a video game and commentate on their opinions of the story lines and adventures. A lot of people want to return to the game… you miss it and most likely that’s why you are here reading this blog post.

I’d like to offer you a new form of entertainment: a text/screenshot Let’s Play series. We’ll do a few test posts to see how it goes. Feel free to comment with your thoughts. USE YOUR IMAGINATION!

Let’s Play EQOA!

Starting Out:

I’m choosing to be a Human from Qeynos due to my familiarity with the quests and that area of the map.

As for my class, let’s go with something interesting… like a rogue.

For our Human Rogue’s name, I’m going to go with Stonesy.


Stonesy is a level 1 Human Rogue with black hair and no beard. His facial expression is constantly tense… like he’s severely constipated.

He spawns in the Qeynos Theatre in front of Snyde Cragsmear.

Immediately text regarding user interface and controls spam the screen. Clicking X blindingly fast results in Stonesy taking a cheap shot at Snyde. Snyde lets out a yell and a bold message appears in bright red letters:


Stonesy takes a few steps back then circles Snyde. Click square.

He asks me to retrieve a pair of cutpurse shoes from Merchant Biggs. Stonesy runs across the stage and finds the merchant. The shoes are free. They’re equipped, adding +1 CR and +1 AC. They’re black and stand out from the khakis and green shirt the rogue started with. There’s also an apprentice dagger in the inventory. It too is equipped.

Stonesy returns to Snyde, who rewards him with enough XP for the rogue to ding. Level 2!

Level 2:

Stonesy talks to Snyde again who tells him to seek out Spiritmaster Jolan. After some wandering around the Beggar’s Quarter, the rogue locates the spiritmaster. A flash of red, yellow, and blue bulbs appear around Stonesy. Jolan informs him that he is now bound at that point.

He is now to find Coachman Bilfer. Stonesy exits the Beggar’s Quarter onto the Greenway. He then runs south until he gets to the first room on the left, the Market Place.

Running past the grocer, waysender, banker, and clock tower, Stoney exists onto the main road.

Running down the path, he’s passed by disinterested Khal of all sort. Finally, Stonesy reaches the Coachman and his friend, the Stable Boy.

Stonesy speaks with the Coachman and signs the man’s ledger. He also receives a letter for which he is to return to Snyde. The rogue opens his spell log and binds Return Home to his spell bar. I click O and Stonesy is surrounded by a red mist and blue sparkles pour from his hands.

A loading screen comes up.

(missing gears!)

BAM! Stonesy is in front of Spiritmaster Jolan. The rogue runs back into the Qeynos Theatre and finds Snyde. After speaking with Snyde, Stonesy dings to Level 3!

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