Why I like drama in EQOA

Drama in EQOA is a good thing. It gives the game character and proves that people still care about a game that hasn’t seen a substantial update since 2003. Most drama is between two players. Ninja looters, trainers, and duals contribute to arguments and blackballing. In the case of loot, training, and camp stealing, it’s a sharing issue. In duals, it becomes a pride thing. I personally hate duals since Stonee doesn’t have his ZP abilities and even with 1200+ CMs, he doesn’t stand a chance against those that do. I’m so competitive that I’d rather not get embarrassed.

On the rare occasions, these individual disagreements evolve into hate-by-association problems that generally involve entire guilds. If a player from Guild A pisses off a player from Guild B, the guild-chat bitching inevitably causes drama between both groups. It’s dumb and I love it. Competition drives people to both unite and improve. To meet these goals, EQOA requires more time invested. Does that mean good things for the player’s social life? No. But I don’t care about your social life and neither does SOE. I care about the survival of the game. The longer you spend on EQOA, the better the game will be. Plus, the more shout arguments going on in Freeport, the more entertaining the ol’ game feels. The green text is a welcome reminder to returners of the once thriving game.

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4 Responses to Why I like drama in EQOA

  1. Thrazor says:

    Ha, nice post. I remember back in the day when training was a constant threat to camps. I was tanking in a group at Sunnyvale Undead when a known druid named Zekial or something (from PPO) charged into the camp and tried killing everybody. Naturally, all of the groups (there was a good 4 or 5 there) united and fended off the undead.
    Good times.

  2. Wolfmoon says:

    lol drama on eqoa,ya i remember! I recall a lvl 60 running trains at crocs killing my alt and the entire camp! So i logged into Woolfmoon 60 wilding. Got all buddy buddy laughing with him, ”haha ya dumb noobs ect ect..” hey buddy want group wolf form? Why sure! He replied! BAM teleport to sycamore joys rest, the PoS was near dead before we even loaded in! I LOLed in his face as a fairy made him into her byoitch! Lesson learned,never PO a druid! Man what a great game can’t wait to get back!

  3. EQ Pro says:

    CLW’s Raiders of Tunaria was by far the best guild ever on EQ. Did like 80% of every major raid boss 1st server wide. 2004-2007 R.I.P.

    Psychopathic Rydaz was 2nd

    Old Cosa Nostra 3rd

    The rest are just wannabes!

  4. Tyler smith says:

    Was in guild Psychopathic Rydaz

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