Dueling video from CLW

I’m not sure what dueling really means to EQOA. With limited gear options and limited variability in spells, pretty much all toons are alike. Yet, one guy stands out to me the most as being a top player (and dueler.) There are few people on CLW that are as known as Kliklikboom. His account ranks in the elite statuses of Raidwiz, Falk, Ronson, Helioz, etc. Love him or hate him, he spend a ton of time on a game that’s desperate for active players.

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4 Responses to Dueling video from CLW

  1. Alex says:

    Klik is one of the most annoying players I’ve ever encountered.

  2. EQ says:

    Kyogre is the best dueler. He is a beast ranger that smoked klick.

  3. EQOA junkie says:

    Props to Blavado, Ogrenec, Psychokillaz-Kyogre, Coldies, Colmustang and others.

  4. Jim Stauffer says:

    Klick definitely rocked and helped me out many times. In a duel with a caster, an uber built barbarian rogue with Harass (manna drain) and wounds was a Caster-Killer. I said uber rogue not necessarily Yamuss. Lmao Tho I’m sure my rogue in more capable hands would have been formidable.

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