Raiding guide!

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Introduction guide to EQOA raiding!

Raiding is a major part of Everquest Online Adventures and should be taken into serious consideration. I have compiled together a BASIC guide to raiding and Main Tanking high end monsters in everquest online adventures.

As a guild starting out into the wonderous world of raiding you should keep a few things in mind.

The mobs you will be fighting IE IoD golems or higher Can’t be solo’d OR even 1 grouped by normal players. Remember you are a team as a guild and are there to support eachother.

A main problem i have seen when starting out into raiding as a guild is disorginization. Taking the extra time to set up appropiate jobs for each person really pays off in the end.

Basic Raiding Terms:

1: MT, MT means to Main Tank a mob. IE Where youre guilds tank tanks the mob succesfully from 100% hit points to the end without the tank falling to the enemy. Keep in mind that Main Tanking mobs froms tart to finish is a good goal to set for, But at times youre tank will fall and it turns into the remainders of youre raid trying to burn the target down before it succesfully demolish’s through youre raid force.

Zerging- This involves chain rezzing youre raid members to simply run at and hit the mob till it falls, This strategy is not an honorable one and is frowned upon in the eqoa community. Also zerging could mean throwing alot more people into a raid target then is needed, this strategy is frowned upon but when it comes down to it, it may be needed.

Progression raiding- Somthing i have found crucial to the success of a Main Tanking raiding guild is starting small and working youre way up. This means starting out with somthing slightly easier then what youre guild can currently Main Tank. Starting out at IoD golems and Plane Of Sky Rain chain is a fundemental building block for a guild. Simply start there and farm out these mobs for a few days and get youre guildies much needed gear improvements and Valueable raiding experience.

Remember keeping youre guild active and raiding multiple times a week if not daily is vital for the guilds survival. Even if you follow this advice and work youre way up to mobs much higher in diffaculty you will find that other guilds or youre guild itself have simply killed all there is to kill at youre current level of raiding. So i personnally suggest killing anything and everything that is up if mobs of greater value are simply not up. This will insure a content stream of guild raiding experiance and valueable gear upgrades going to youre fellow guildies.

Loot manedgement as a raiding guild:

1: God Drop loot system. This infers having the guild leader and/or appointed loot master deciding who gets what peice’s of loot. This instills that people who work harder and raid more can be rewarded with loot. This also makes it much easier as a guild to improve the weekness’s of charecters and sort out who needs gear more then the other. However the downfalls of this include a guildmaster simply appointing loot to his friends over others, but if you enforce it well this can be very prosperous for youre guild.

2:DKP raiding point system: This system involves awarding points to people who attend raids. These points can be used to buy items dropped during a raid. Longer raids award more points as do better items cost more points and so on. This system is completely rewarding for those who contribute to the guild by raiding. However the downfalls of this are the nessecity for a person to keep track of all set points, IE you need a website for people to view and to help manedge the points they have earned and spent on raids. Another downfall to this is it is intended for a more hardcore raiding guild as those who cannot/dont attend raids earn less points to spend on loot, However they can save there points and buy loot during raids or from the guild bank if they simply save.

With the DKP system ::dragon kill point:: The guild leader/raid leader will appoint a point ammount for an item and the people who want it will submit tells to the person saying they want the item, The person who bids on it that can use it with the most DKP will get the item for the cost appointed. If no one try’s for the item then it will go to bids. Basically if no one wants to pay the price set for an item that is of minimal or less desired stats people will bid dkp for it. basically people will bid any ammount they please in tells to the dkp master and whoever bids the most gets the item. If no one bids on it then it goes to the guild bank. Item’s in the guild bank can be bought with DKP earned from raiding/guild activities and sold/given to an alt at there full leasure.

Remember raiding is a very exciting and fun aspect of EverQuest Online Adventures and should be a part of every players in game life.

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