Every now and then I check the terms people searched to find the blog. Some are questions that I like to post and answer. Here are a few from recent weeks:

  1. Is EQOA free on weekends? No.
  2. How to get free 45 days on EQOA? Go to the main SOE site and log in. Free service will be automatically awarded. Only 1 trial per game.
  3. If I have EQOA, do I need to make a new account for Frontiers? No. Everything carries over. You also do not need the original to load Frontiers, so don’t buy the original!
  4. Is EQOA dying? Yes and no. Of course the population is getting smaller by the year… Every MMO is experiencing this. Yet people are definitely still playing. I’d estimate that 300-400 accounts log in a day on CLW.
  5. Are there EQOA Macros? From what I remember, only through a macro PS2 or PS3 controller. They can range in price from 30 to 100 dollars.
  6. Where do you log the 17 armor quests? Good: Qeynos, Fayspires, Moradhim, Halas, Rivervale. Evil: Grobb, Oggok, Neriak. (maybe more) Both: Freeport, Highbourne, Klick.
  7. What are the pet damage modifiers? Not a clue. Can anyone answer this?

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