Not sure what to make…

Of the following post on SOE’s EQOA site on 9/22:













It’s strange to me that a “massive” multiplayer online RPG hosts a “meet and greet.” By no means am I criticizing SOE. I appreciate the gesture but I think this is their attempt to get a basic head count of who pays attention to their site. Yet the timing of this is a bit late and would have been perfect in 2003. EQOA has always been rooted in community contact. I met most of my in-game friends through groups, not shout chat in Freeport. Overall, I’m missing how this benefits the community and extends the lifespan of the game.

Thankfully there were prizes. If anyone went to this, what kind of stuff was given out?

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8 Responses to Not sure what to make…

  1. BoomstickSaint says:

    Its the same stuff as always. They just spawned merchants in FP ans gave away the same old vanity pets we already have. When the meet and greet was going on I was off killing Noroxus with my new guild lol

  2. Thrazor says:

    Hey guys, how are you doing? I was thinking about activating my account within the next couple weeks just to see what’s going on.

    If I do return I was thinking about starting a Human Western Bard. I’ve never been able to stick with one character throughout this game, creating alts has always been my specialty.

    • BoomstickSaint says:

      Hey Thraz, doing good. Hope you do start up again soon, I’m in a good, active guild now and I should be able to get you guys in.

      Bard is good toon, guilds love em and I think they are really fun. Also, just got my first ZP spell, 2 to go.

  3. Kyle Dykstra says:

    Guess i should go to the Sony website…which I never visit, for info once in a while.

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