Post from Skorge

To set some things straight from the Hodstock legend himself…

Found your website yesterday just browsing around…LOL, dang you do have a lot of things wrong about me, it’s true I was the first to level 50 on the server, but my bud, Levion, was the second to hit level 50, Dean was third. Levion quit the game about a week after he hit 50 (he just up and disappeared). The reason Levion managed to hit level 50 so fast is because he made it a mission to always hang/group with me, no matter soon as I logged in, he was sending me messages, LOL. He hit level 50 about 2-3 days after I did, and Dean was about a week later (me and Levion were WAY ahead of the game). If you are wondering how we hit 50 so fast, it was a combination of my playing skill (I played EQ a ton on PC…I had several 50+ characters) and the way I formed my groups.

Since I was a healer I could easily just form a group instead of LFG. My strategy, in the end (level 42-50 ish) was to load up on DPS. Basically all of the groups I formed post 40 or so consisted of me (shaman) and 3 rogues. I didn’t need a tank…in fact I would always end up being the tank, however since our mobs died so fast from loading up on DPS I never had to worry about dying. So basically, a shaman with a pet, and 3 rogues killed the fasted and therefore gained the fasted exp…people started to realize my strategy, but most couldnt mimic it cuz of lack of skill…rogues started to become familiar with me…and so I basically had my pick of any rogue on the server to join me level LOL…
Through my time in EQOA I have only had one negative comment from a random stranger…it went something like this: “damn you must have no life to hit 50 first.” You would have thought I had more of those type of comments but I didnt. The fact of the matter is I really didn’t even play EQOA hardcore, I was just better at leveling than anyone else on the server. I was a full-time college student and had a full-time girlfriend (u know what that means)…so I couldnt just play when I wanted to. Imagine how sooner I would have hit 50 if I could have LOL…I was also the first person on our server to complete the epic quest, in which case I gathered up over 70 people (mostly strangers Ive never even grouped with) to help me defeat my boss…we failed the first two times (days)…the third attempt we killed him. Dean was there, LOL…on my second attempt what happened was I went linkdead and my ISP went down…all those poor people just standing there waiting for me. I was the only one who could spawn the boss too LOL. That was my epic fail moment. We eventually got him the next day. As a result for being the first I got all the epic spells….must have been a glitch, however I believe it was a GM reward, because they never fixed it…I was the only one on the server with both epic spells.
My friend Levion was the second person to complete his epic and he ended up with both weapon choices! He got to keep them too.

I really miss those days man…I remember waking up at 4:30 in the morning to take my gf to Cracker Barrel, where she worked way back then, getting a coffee and a breakfast sandwhich, and coming back to play some EQOA for a few hours before classes….

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4 Responses to Post from Skorge

  1. Falkrinn says:

    I’m looking for someone to farm bpoa’s with. I recently finished deso1 so i can spawn deso2. I’d prefer a multiboxer but doesnt really matter. Send an in game mail to falkboom

  2. samsmoke69 says:

    Skorge I am ashamed you forgot your dorf war buddy Cinork I pulled like a machine for you to beat Dean I was only 44 but you Lev me and Gokkan I was in the group as you dinged! and helped on your legend quest that night! miss you and Con best looking trolls in the game!

    • Skorge says:

      Hey man, that was such a long time ago, haha…I remember you now bro! Yep, we had a great team! I still stay in touch with Conq, we actually play Overwatch together on PS4. I miss EQOA tho!

      • samsmoke69 says:

        dang bro Salem and Vokal play that too tell Conq what up for me bro, good to hear from you!

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