More changes that I think would change the game

If you have kept up with the problems in the NBA over the last decade, they revolve around too many teams in dead markets such as Sacramento and New Orleans. The problem is that good players get stuck on teams in cities with fans that just don’t care. The fans aren’t showing up to games and in-turn, the NBA is losing boatloads of money. This ends up hurting the major-market teams such as Miami, New York, and Chicago because those cities have to make up for the losses the league suffers in the small markets.

Where am I going with this? Well EQOA is the exact same way. Instead of dead-market teams, we have dead-servers, full of really great players and toons that would be of great use in a major-market, or in this case, the server, Castle Lightwolf.

The NBA’s solution to their problem is to downsize, dropping the teams in markets that don’t make them money and moving the big name players to bigger markets. This should be EQOA’s solution as well. Compress all servers to a single server allowing players from PPO to play with players from CLW without having to give up the time to rebuild if one were to simply change servers.

I understand that people would complain. Specifically the small-market servers who claim that a bigger-market server would ruin the game and they like playing in the smaller market. To these people I have to say, shut your mouth. You have two options here, either enjoy playing the game with CLW folks, or watch it become unprofitable and eventually shut down. By combining the servers, at least SOE would be compromising with the time spent on your toon.

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5 Responses to More changes that I think would change the game

  1. Mysteryous says:

    I completely agree! I have been preaching this same point for years now on CLW server and saying this would keep the game profitable and fun. EQOA is easily one of, if not The, Best MMORPG there is. People that agree with this are part of a group that played the game when there were high numbers on each server. This definitely needs to be done. Make a big announcement that all servers will be combined into one and many fans of the game will once again return!

  2. stoney2 says:

    They would have to have a huge population boost for me to ever play again. EQOA is a part of my past now. Its a dead game that clambering to the fact it is dead by offering rehabs for everything. EQOA was so popular because it wasn’t other MMO’s now they’re doing tiers, rehabs and whatever else. Also no boon a 2x potion that has three one hour charges per day is okay though. Although this would also make people mad as they can’t get 1500 CM’s as easy as the ones who have.

  3. Tidal/Cutcreator says:

    I read this and I really have to disagree with your comparison of the NBA to EQOA. The NBA isnt losing money because of the location of their star players or even small market teams. Heck the NFL has teams in Jacksonville and Green Bay, cities that would barely be on a US map if it wasn’t for having a football team. And they’ve been without football in the 2nd largest market in the country for about 15 years and have GROWN their franchises.

    The only viable solution may be to contract, but EQOA will not maintain their player base much longer unless they stop wasting money on marginal content that actually detracts from their game. Remove the things about this game that take away from its original design as a game meant to be played with friends. In the NBA, ALL of the stars generate revenue, even Chris Paul in New Orleans or Kevin Durant in OKC. The NBA loses money two ways. Guaranteed contracts to guys like Gilbert Arenas and Rashard Lewis and overpaying marginal talent like Trevor Ariza and Charlie Villanueva. In EQOA’s case, they’ve given 4x xp, and THEN the hng and repeatable quests that detract from the experience.

  4. Theron says:

    While I didn’t mind not having HnG or 4x back in the day, it’s actually helped me return to EQOA from time to time over the past few years. I’m more of a casual player nowadays what with school and work every day. I don’t have time to sit down for hours at a time to grind one level. I appreciate having the 4x XP now as it gets me right back into the game. While I do like grouping and hanging with friends, with the options available I’m able to complete certain quests by myself which I would otherwise have been able due to the low number of players.

    I do agree though that SOE should come up with some original content to attract old players and keep the current ones. It seems though that only an expansion would do that. I’m always hesitant to re-activate my account(s) because in the back of my mind I’m thinking that EQOA will only be around for a little while longer…

    It’s sad because this was once a great game.

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