Fastest XP in the game.

We figured out the fastest way to xp. In 1.5 hours, my character managed to go from 1145 cms to 1175. This is without any hng items exchanged.

There’s a misconception in the game that high xp-per-kill means better xp all together. That’s clearly incorrect since a bandit might yield 2 million xp but take 10 seconds to kill. Where 2 TFGs yield 1m a piece but take 5 seconds to kill. Additionally, it seems that people have mistaken mass pulling as the fastest means of xp. The ice dome TFGs are often camped with a single cleric or paladin pulling all 40ish to a group of aoe classes that then kill and loot. The problem with this method is that it’s risky since the crits tend to stack, thus it takes time and mana.

40 kills in about 5 minutes isn’t impressive, though it is easier to do if you’re multi-boxing. At the most, you’re getting 10-15 million xp a minute. That’s the equivalent of 10-12 kills. Don’t get me wrong, it’s good xp, but not nearly on the scale that it could be.

First of all, you need 4 separate players; multi-boxing or AFKing will not work. Second, an alchemist is the only class that can run this set up efficiently. The reason being is that all other classes have mana problems. Sure, you could  have an enchanter or bard helping out, but trust me, they can’t keep up with the heals you would need to hold agro. Edit: A zp wizard might be able to run this with a healer following behind.

Third, the alchemist must have the snowman form. Fourth, the 2nd member of the group must have their zp abilities and be an aoe caster. I prefer a wizard for this. Fifth, the 3rd and 4th member of  your group do nothing but loot.

TFGs are the ideal spot to do this. They don’t cast, don’t hit too hard, are close to ZK, and have instant spawning. To start, the alchemist walks into circle of TFGs and uses an MD. Then he puts on snowman form and stands for a second, allowing the crit damage to wear off. Uing his AOE pot, he begins to run around the circle, collecting TFGs at about 1 every 2 seconds. Behind the alchemist, the wizard, with its ZP abilities, is chain casting, constantly following. Then the two looters are clearing the dead bodies. The ice giants respawn fast enough that even moving at a full running speed, the spawn rate outpaces you. The most important thing in this process is that the looters keep looting and communicate when they’re full. Otherwise, everything slows down.

Each snowman charge gives 25 minutes of xp. We average between 25 and 30 kills per minute, depending on the pulling rate and have gotten as high as the mid-50s. In other words, the potential xp-per-minute is above 50m. Add in the HnG items and you’re looking at 80m+ per minute. In other words, we’re getting more per minute than some groups get in 30 minutes of a grind.

Try this method out and let me know how it goes! If done correctly, 3 groups can share the TFG ice dome camp, rather than 1 hogging everything.

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4 Responses to Fastest XP in the game.

  1. Theron says:

    I want to get in on this again haha! I got my MC on my RGE, but I need my mcas.

  2. BoomstickSaint says:

    I was in a group nearly comparably as fast. Nearly. It was 2 ZP’d wiz, a cleric and my bard at froglocks. We sent up camp in the center of a triangle of three camps, each with 3 spawns. Each wiz pulled a set of three and started AoEing the crap out of them and pulling towards me standing in the center. At the center I basically stood still and chain cast power groove and power jig, as well as power ballad. Each 3 kills took about 7 seconds and was about 1 – 1.3 mill a piece. Respawns are nearly instant so the wizzies looted there own kills and with the overlap of two of them pulling there was consistent xp the entire time, even while one one looting.

    The looting issue could have been averted if the cleric was looting, but the cleric was a dual box of one of the wizards. I tried looting myself for a bit, but it made me lose timing in my power casts which then slowed down the wizzies. So it was best for to stand in the middle and let them run into my aoe.

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