Every server has had their share of mega-guilds. What I mean by this are guilds that have 50-60 decent players, they’re built overnight, and they have a lifespan of a few days to a month. Competing egos ususally lead their downfall.

On Hodstock we had a string of the same guild that coincidentally ended up eventually creating the strongest guild on the server. Dues Ex was the original with easily 50 members. In a few weeks, that collapsed and gave way to the biggest of them all, Pandemonium. If you had a level 60, you were invited. I bet that guild reached 100+ in an hour.

Pandemonium attempted to raid something (maybe PoS?). I honestly do not remember how that ended up panning out, but within a week, the guild fittingly named Pandemonium crumbled.

A fair amount of these players were actually among Hodstock’s elite. They ended up joining/creating a new guild that was a combination of The Guardians and Nor Vacuous. The Guardians/Nor Vacuous went on to rule the server from late 2005 to probably 2007, when most had moved on to other games.

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