Worst luck ever.

There’s a mob for some player’s epic that’s called Boldunder. It’s a giant earth mage pet that hits for 1200ish a swing. I have never done the epic quests and wasn’t really sure what to expect. Luckily, I was with a few people who did.

It first started when I spawned the creature and got mauled in less than a second. He tore me a new one.

I spawned back and found the only guy I was with, a ranger, kiting the creature around the nearby mountain. After a few minutes, I peeled and got mauled again… loading screen.

After being rezed back by a necro that had joined our group, the ranger was killed and Boldunder was now chasing after me. I was now kiting the thing around the mountain. After a few more minutes, the ranger had agro again. As he ran around, I began to recruit more and within 30 minutes, at least 8 others were out there. Boldunder has a ton of HP and requires a solid amount of firepower.

By now it was 2 am. I spawned the mob at midnight. For two hours we kited this creature and then we finally killed him. As he was falling to the ground, he despawned, disappearing from everyone’s screens. Worst luck ever.

As a note: The next day I logged on and the same ranger shot me a message. He logged onto his spellbinder and within fifteen minutes, Boldunder was dead. Yes, that’s right. A mob we wasted two hours beating on that eventually yielded nothing, could have easily been killed in fifteen minutes.

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