Some changes I have noticed

There were certain givens when I quit in 2005 that have changed due to updates and/or deeper understanding of the game. Here are 10:

PS. New part of the story is up!

1. Alchemist MC: It was very rare to ever see a metabolist. Transmuters loved the ogre pill. Yet now 99% of alc’s are metas.

2. Bard MC: Same thing here as alc’s. Most used to be gypsy while now everyone is a minstrel.

3. Mage MC: Aero was extremely popular. Now most are pyro.

4. Cleric paths: Much more common to see a resist path cleric.

5. Druid paths: Much more common to see a damage path druid.

6. Everyone wanted a were-form in 2005. Now a lot go with were-hunter.

7. Shaman MC: From the Elder polar bear to the Mystic SS.

8. Raids aren’t always done with tank classes anymore. Clerics, bards, and even alchemists are becoming popular choices.

9. A guild with 4 active players is an active guild. There was a point when the average guild had 10 or more active players. Some had 50-60.

10. If someone says they played in 2003, that means they are 8 years older than when they started. Just think about that for a minute…

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1 Response to Some changes I have noticed

  1. Rincea says:

    My 8 year old son was born while I was beta testing back in January of 2003!

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