New Page: I need…

Hey guys,

I figured I would add a section where people can add things they need. Examples would be if you need people to play with, maybe a PS2, an account, help with a quest, etc…

I will be deleting all posts over 30 days to keep it fresh. If you complete something and your need is met, let me know and I’ll take your request down.

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2 Responses to New Page: I need…

  1. drewman says:

    I need an account to play on if anyone has an extra one, I haven’t tried mine yet, but I don’t think it will work, it was banned for a chargeback because sony had apparently charged me $114 to keep playing everquest 2 without giving me the option to use a different service level. Therefore, I went to get my money back from my card carrier, and they banned my account. It’s kinda bull, but what can you do? Anyhow, if anyone has an extra account, please let me know. =)

    • BoomstickSaint says:

      You are probably better off trying to find a new disc on ebay or something, most people I think don’t want to give away accounts these days. You might be able to find someone though.

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