EQOA’s final breath?

I logged onto the game for the first time in a month. Everyone, as posted before, has 45 days of free playtime. Whether that started at a universal time or when you log in, I’m not sure.

I hopped on to my old server, Hodstock, to see if there was any activity. Sure enough, the population in Freeport had quadrupled since the last time I was on there… to 8. Out of those 8, only 2 were active players while the others hadn’t played in at least a year. One person had played since Beta but quit in 2009.

Everyone’s accounts are active and it’s free. Even the banned accounts have been reinstated. If you cannot remember your account information and really want to play, I might be able to help you. You’ll have to find your own disc, but I might be able to dig up my old accounts that a friend and I shared.

I think 2 things are going to happen: First, this weekend will be the biggest weekend on non-CLW servers since 2009. It’s a three day weekend and people can play for free. Old players will definitely come back to look around, though I doubt people will XP as much as just stand around Freeport and shoot the breeze.

Second, EQOA’s success will not be sustained for the very same reasons why it died in the first place. The game is full of memories but in reality, people do not feel like they’re getting their money’s worth. When the free trial is up, I doubt many people will resubscribe. I think active players will get used to the population growth and when that dies out, they’ll feel like they did during the first mass exodus thanks to competing games.

On a side note, last quarter WoW experienced its biggest drop in subscriptions in its history. It lost 600k subscribers for a 5% drop. Granted it’s still boasting 11.4 million players, but I find this to be really interesting news. Summer is coming up and I could see a lot of people reactivating their subscriptions. What I’m curious about is if a negative trend continues, are people quitting WoW to go to other MMO’s or are they quitting MMO’s all together? The difference being that people are valuing their $15 to another game or to another investment entirely.

Back to EQOA, this weekend will be the start of the game’s final breath. Coordinate with old friends and get in on it!

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11 Responses to EQOA’s final breath?

  1. Ayrica says:

    Banned accounts have not been reinstated. If that were true, I could play my original main. R.I.P. Airica.

  2. Jypcie says:

    There are accounts that had previosly been banned that are now active.

  3. Ayrica says:

    LOL! SOE must really hate me. 😛

  4. drewman says:

    Hey, if you have an extra account let me know. I’m not sure if mine will work and it would be awesome to play again.

  5. drewman says:

    My email is double0drew33@hotmail.com (the o in the middle before drew is a zero.)

  6. Northax says:

    I never played it, but I looked up free MMORPGs on the PC, and one of them is Runes of Magic; I saw a clip of it on YouTube, from some game preview guy. His nickname is MMOHut or something. This ‘Runes of Magic’ MMORPG is very competitive with WoW, so I heard/read… and again, it’s FREE to play monthly! This might be one of the reasons why there was a drop in WoW subscriptions, but who really knows? Just a guess on my part.

    Check it out on YouTube for yourselves, maybe it’s a game you’ll get into playing.

    • Stoney says:

      Never heard of this but will check it out…. I played Runescape back in like 2000-2001, I just wonder how much you really get for a free mmo. Then again, how much do you really get for a $15 one.

      • BoomstickSaint says:

        I signed up for that game but never actually played it cuz my pc isn’t running and my laptop sucks for gaming.

  7. Drewman2 says:

    Anyone have an extra account key?

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