Q&A, kind of.

Lots of random searches end up throwing traffic my way. I figured I’d help some of these people out by posting their question and giving my own answer.

First up, we have a question about lionweres. There are several places to get the infection. If you’re level 30-37, go to Forkwatch and stay within seeing distance of the broken arches. 40s, I would head south/south west of Blackwater. Low 50s should go to the area north of EG and/or Stone Burnt Mountains. And finally, the best place to get infected at 60 is in Abysmal Sea. Toxx West and the zone where the Kappa Citadel is are decent too but the respawn time in ASea is the fastest. Lastly, if you need LW faction, go up the river from the BW coach and into the Centaur Valley. Kill the werelions that give faction, not infection.

Yes. There is a ton of new content if you left before 2007. Khal is probably the most important addition since there are new tank/melee robes as well as Khal gems, Khall quests, Khal spells, and Khal gear. Epicsodes were also added after 2005 and have added a new element to the game.

No. You only need Frontiers. That’s probably the best part of EQOA. Unlike WoW, you don’t have to drop $100 to play the newest version of the game. Frontiers can be found cheapest off eBay.


1. EQOA is nothing like WoW when it comes to soloing. A paladin can’t run into a room and wipe them out in 10 seconds. With that said, with recent CM improvements and CM revamps being free, most classes can solo. The lone exception would be clerics due to their minimal damage output.

2. Not yet.

3. They’re up! 45 days for free, too.

If you’re wondering about platform, then no. FFXI came out and it took a similar approach to EQ2. The person who searched this has most likely heard of that game, World of Warcraft, and wasn’t impressed.

To be completely honest, no game will compare to EQOA. MMO gaming was still a fresh idea in 2003. Putting it on a platform like PS2 just put the game over-the-top. Also, EQOA was not my first MMO. I played Runescape long before. Yet, I would say that EQOA was the first one that forced me to interact with people and to build relationships in order to be successful. Most people miss that element of the game much more than grinding CMs.

You would need a home server. There are some forums that have answers to how to set this up, but from what I have heard, you’ll need something better than the average PC.

I’m assuming this has to do with highest damaging class. In which case, there’s little doubt that wizards take the cake on this. There are some rangers, rogues, and alchemists that would beg to differ and I would go as far as to say that the average alchemist could out damage most wizards any day. But some wizards can account for 80% of a group’s damage output. Then again, it also depends on who has which ZP abilities.

Yes! Depending on your class, you should be able to solo starting around level 44. The worst case scenario is that you get multiple popups from Crazed Arcadins. As for DM and the guy that comes after her, at 44+, you can probably hold your own.

1. Alchemists and wizards. I’ve said this many times in many posts, if you’re coming back to the game or starting new, make one of these classes.

2. Mages have 4 types of pets: fire, water, air, and earth. These are, respectively, your melee, healer, caster, and tank classes. For a complete list of the mage spells, check out the Zam or CS site.

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4 Responses to Q&A, kind of.

  1. Ayrica says:

    Setting up a home server for EQOA? I run a private Minecraft server, so this interests me. Can you provide any links? I can’t seem to find any. I would love to see if it is possible to host a server, not to mention provide new content and abilities!

    • Stoney says:

      There was a thread on the Zam forums I think. A guy was running it on a pretty stacked PC and he was having troubles keeping it smooth. I’ll see if I can find anything.

  2. BoomstickSaint says:

    The real trick to this is that most of your data to run the game is server side and not being produced via the PS2. So you would need to link a PC between a PS2 and the server and use it to copy all the data coming thru until you had everything you need to run the game. Not sure how you would know when you had everything you needed. There are people who run the game on PCs but at the moment they are running PS2 emulators and connected to Sony’s servers.

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