Stuff that never was… or was it?

When both the original and Frontiers were released, images were presented on the game boxes of creatures that I personally never saw. Did these ever actually exist?

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5 Responses to Stuff that never was… or was it?

  1. Theron says:

    If I remember correctly that Sphinx (second photo) actually exists, but I believe it’s a non-KOS creature. You can find it if you go to the Hobgoblin caves in Sphinx Pyramid.

    My PS3 got the yellow light of death so I need to send it into Sony :/ and also my PS2 controller broke so I can’t play on either lol. I might at least pick up a PS2 controller so I can hop on this summer.

    • Stoney says:

      Yo Theron! Good to see you’re still alive… though it sounds like your hardware isn’t as lucky.

      • Theron says:

        I managed to temporarily fix my YLOD problem by using a hairdryer and fan…My PS3 has been running for a few hours (probably won’t last much longer) but it has given me time to back up all of my save data and also play a little bit of EQOA 🙂

        I gained a couple levels on my rogue by running DM. If the PS3 continues working throughout the weekend you might see me on there leveling my rge.

      • Stoney says:

        Ah Thraz, I’ll be back on June 14. Traveling for the week!

  2. BoomstickSaint says:

    the last picture I believe is a siliskor model but if you pay attention the name above it is blue, which means its a player character. Must have been a dev showing off the dragons to the media.

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