Blog update

Last night I posted the first part of a short story. Due to the length of each section, I made a new blog that will be linked under the blogroll section. Right now, the series is looking to be about 17 parts. If you enjoy reading fiction, head on over and check it out!

New blog.

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3 Responses to Blog update

  1. BoomstickSaint says:

    Digging the story so far. Like how you include game NPCs with your other characters. I actually started writing an EQOA inspired comic a few months ago and drew a couple pages.

    Keep it coming.

    • Stoney says:

      Hey thanks a ton man! Can you transfer the comics into jpegs? Or some sort of graphic file? There was a guy on that made comics at one point but I think they’re long lost.

      • BoomstickSaint says:

        The pages aren’t finished, just pencils, no word balloons or anything yet. I started and then lost the motivation lol

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