Congrats, douche bag hackers.

EQOA’s main site is now shut down and a bunch of people are watching their credit card accounts.. (or should be). I’m still not sure if EQOA’s network was a part of this but I have had my credit card info stolen before… and obviously it sucks.

The method used against me was a virus was loaded onto my computer through an illegal TV watching site. My fault. It had a keylogger that activated when I went to secure websites. They logged my credit card number after I purchased college books off of Amazon. Then they made a duplicate card and went to a gas station in Miami to continually withdraw cash until my bank realized that something wasn’t right.

After all the returns by the bank, I only lost $200 and probably took a shot on my credit score. Fantastic…

I’m not sure who I’m more pissed at, SOE for not acting or the hackers for being douche bags.

Oh, here’s a video of a CT raid:

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4 Responses to Congrats, douche bag hackers.

  1. Theron says:

    Hey Stoney, glad to see the blog is still going strong.

    It sucks about what’s going on with Sony. I hope they’ll be able to protect everyone’s information, especially credit cards.

    I hope I’m able to return to EQOA to finish my rogue and other ALTs.

    Take care!

  2. Ayrica says:

    I got an email from Sony saying that my information from 2007 had been stolen. At at least my old credit card has already expired and I have since moved.

    I knew SOE was a lazy company but to let people steal others information is unforgivable. It is simply a matter of protecting and implementing security of cross your network. SOE lost my faith years ago, but this just proves that they are a terrible company. You never see Blizzard have these kinds of problems. Don’t blame the hackers, blame SOE.

    Interesting to note: My account was banned in September 2007, when I rose up against EQOA/SOE in protest of lack of content and broken quests/updates. How ironic that their lax control should lead them to lose face. They should make all games play-for-free, but I have doubts whether people will want to be on their networks anymore. PS3 owners: I pity you.

  3. BoomstickSaint says:

    Hopefully, they give all accounts an free month. Then I can activate my second account and DB for a month.

  4. Jypcie says:

    I dont know about “all” accounts or just the ones that are active but sony did say they were giving a month free plus an additional day for each day the servers were down. It was confirmed by naylei(sp?) on facebook monday or tuesday that this applied to eqoa customers too.

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