I F’d up my 49 Epic

The druid epic is very long. All epics are very long. The druid/bard/mage/ranger epics are 2 parts that are a ton of running. The first part involves collecting ciphers. This takes over 3 hours. The next part requires some help and then you kill Chardith. This takes over an hour and possibly longer if you die.

At some point last night, I got tired of waiting for the quest npc to respawn. So I deleted the 2nd part to see if it would help out. The npc was just standing there but wouldn’t talk. Completely my fault but boy, how I get WoW and EQOA confused…

When you start the 2nd part of the quest, you have to turn in the ciphers from the first part. Which means that if you delete the 2nd part from your quest log, you no longer have the ciphers to start it. So yeah… I’m up a creek and my options are to write a help ticket to SOE (done, not that they’ll respond) to or redo the first part. Not happening.

I play this game for fun and the first part of this quest is not fun at all. It’s pointless running and coaching that isn’t worth repeating. Unfortunately the druid is no fun without the epic ability (see previous post).

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6 Responses to I F’d up my 49 Epic

  1. Jypcie says:

    Oh no! If you need to start your quest over I don’t mind helping out. Im not sure if I misread your posts, I’ll go back and read them again, but you dont get epic snare from the 49 quest. What you get if you’ve specialized is the 49 DoT Calefaction. Depending on how high your dex is it can tic over 1k of damage while on the target. But it doesnt slow the target down. Epic Snare is from the 60 quest. it can also do over 1k damage I’ve heard.

  2. Jypcie says:

    No worries idm doin path qsts. If soe wont help ya I will. Send me an in game mail or tell when ur on next

  3. Jypcie says:

    Also if u did 47 qst it would shave down some of that running

  4. Jypcie says:

    Its a port to sycamore joy. There are a few “druid trix” to cuttin that time down. But its up to you, i like doing quests with other ppl, just not my own

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