Guest Post: George

Email sent from George about his EQOA experience. As always, send me your experience at I always like hearing other people’s perspectives.

I believe I started a little while after Sony Online released the Frontiers expansion, and played over the course of about a year and a half.  A Bard was the only character I ever really played, never had the time or interest to create an alternate of any significance.  The play seemed to suit me well, and I was always more inclined to continue progressing my 1st character, rather than starting another.  So, I advanced my character to level 60, achieved a master class, and had many great adventures and experiences with other players along the way.  I even had an in-game girlfriend that was cheating on her SK boyfriend with me! Scandalous!  Ah to live the life of a Bard…

Unfortunately my days as an EQOA player were numbered, as I was becoming increasingly interested in outdoor sports, and eventually these real world pursuits took over my personal time.  Nowadays I spend my weekends hiking or skiing, depending on the season.  As much great fun as role playing can be, my own adventures are certainly more fulfilling.

 One regret I always had was that I never experienced very much of the ‘end game’ content in EQOA: Raiding with dozens of other players, defeating ultra powerful monsters,  acquiring the most badass equipment for my character, you know, shit like that.  Once my character became strong enough to go on these adventures I just wasn’t playing enough for the strongest guilds to be interested in my talents.  I always felt it was a shame that I invested so much time on the game, only to punch out just before the experiencing the high end content…alas…

…So now, spurred on by my previous enjoyment of this game, the desire to experience theend game content, and your blog, I have returned!  I plunked down the subscription cost a little less than a month ago, dusted off my Fronts disk, and fired up the old PS2…still works like it always has!

 I researched a lot on the interwebs before starting back up.  Sure enough, the server I had played on was depressingly devoid of players, so I created a new character on CLW and began anew.  Utilizing Boon, the fast track HnG quests, and some kind donations of random players, I’ve been able to level up to 35 and about 300 cms without much effort or time invested.  While it certainly isn’t quite the same game that it was, it’s still very enjoyable! 

 I spent about 4-5 hours last night busting up the three orc maurauders on the hill outside of Freeport.  While I was there, a seemingly nice young man stopped by and hung out with me since he was bored.  We chatted for awhile, I told him a little about my real life, and he did the same.  I tried to offer some advice to him in the subject of getting an education.  In the end he added me to his buddy list and graciously gifted me enough siloth rings to start up a small jewelry business, as well as a generous amount of tunar. SCORE!  It was a really fun night ‘wasting time’ on a video game, and it didn’t keep me from skiing earlier that day, as well as taking a break halfway through the session to watch a movie with some of my friends.

So that’s my story up to now.  If I’m able to advance my character to the end game stage and find some fun people to chat/raid with, I could see myself dabbling with this game invariably for quite a while, as it still can be a really good time.  I’ve toyed with the idea of trying other MMORPGs and have tried a few, but none of them really appeal to me like this one for some reason.  I’ve never been much of a PC gamer, and I suppose that has a lot to do with it…I prefer using a controller, sitting on my nice leather couch, in front of my big TV.  If SOE offers EQ ‘Next’ for the PS3 when they release it (whenever that happens), I may decide to buy a new game console for the first time in forever and give that a shot, but until then I think it will be small doses of EQOA or real life adventure for me.

Hope you enjoyed my story!  Maybe I’ll see you in game sometime. Cheers, and GL!”

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  1. Phillip Morris says:

    hey bud. if you need help or want to group up sometime. you can look me up on clw, i enjoyed your story, very similar to mine. i quit due to life and never got to see end game. Here are some names of my toons i would be playing if you are on. Omniwar 60 def, puppetreaver 53mage, theexorcist 54cl, chopstixx 52mnk, or my girls toon ibekillinem. Hope you decide to stay and have fun doing it. Have a great day and take care. TTYL, Phil.

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