Total Time coaching… loading…

It’s a generous estimate that it takes 30 seconds for the coach/death/rez screens to load. I would also estimate that the average player will see that loading screen about 8 times an hour. It takes 5 coaches alone to get from FP to CLW. Now add in the return home, random deaths, and rezzes. During the 23 quest chain, a player could easily see that loading screen 20 times an hour.

Some basic math here:

8 coaches x 30 seconds = 4 minutes per hours spent loading.

I would estimate that I play 2 hours a day on average. Some days it’s a lot more, some days a lot less, if none at all. I have played this game from March 2003 through July 2005, then the last 3 months. Total, that’s 32 months of play time.

If we assume I played for 2 hours a day on average, that’s about 1,920 hours total. (Also assuming there are 30 days in a month.)

1,920 hours x 4 minutes per hour = 7,680 minutes spent waiting for the screen to load, or 128 hours, or 5 days and 8 hours!

This isn’t even including the 2 minutes or more spent loading up the game… or BSOD’s. But over 5 days of my life spent watching that damn gear.

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3 Responses to Total Time coaching… loading…

  1. Ayrica says:

    Those gears still haunt me to this day…

  2. Jypcie says:

    You sit and watch the loading screen? Jeeze you gotta multi task!

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