The worst place in EQOA for random mobs and pure frustration: Tomb of Kings. ToK is the home to several quest mobs from a rogue’s level 30 path, to the 33 MTG ability quest, and even the level 40 ranger quest. It is a confusing, mob filled place that at any turn can have you up a creek against a red caster. The beauty of the place? Nothing good drops there. At least anymore…

Outside are the animations known as Holciel Commoners. These guys don’t see through invis, but have an enormous agro range. Run inside and you’ll encounter a caster that sees through invis. It’s usually between level 32 and 35. Then there is a cluster-f$!% of un-attackable mobs known as explorers. These guys just get in the way. If you get attacked by something you can’t see, which is a regular occurrence in ToK, you won’t be able to con the enemy. Instead, you’ll just keep targeting these damn explorers. How many of you of you does it take to explore, anyway?! You’ve been wandering around the same empty room since 2003…

Once past Niktuu, the 33 mob, you have several options that will each result in your eventual death since 1.) no one can figure their way around ToK; 2.) everything sees through invis; 3.) they all are red. SOE must have spent a ton of time on designing this place and yet nobody chooses to go there. In the event that you have forgotten about ToK due to bad memories, here’s a map. Thanks CS!

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8 Responses to ToK

  1. Boneduke says:

    Its funny how simplistic that place looks when you see the map – seemed way more confusing/humongous in game 🙂

    • Stoney says:

      I don’t care what anyone says, that place is still damn confusing!

      • Northax says:

        Absolutely. I remember running around there quite a few times (pre-Frontiers) on quite a few of my different chars. I had back then. Oh man, that was crazy, but thankfully having a full group each time made it just a fun adventure when we got lost. We just ran around killing everything.

        With the lemons it gave us, we made lemonade. As we have to do with all challenges! 😀

  2. BoomstickSaint says:

    Yeah, I only go to that craphole if I absolutely have to. Its really ridiculous that there are so many named mobs out there that drop absolutely nothing. That place is in dire need of revamping. Take out 90% of the Tier’dal Explorers, take the right side and make a raid area for lv 30ish toons. Add new names or just add new drops to the existing ones. Maybe a quest that spawns mobs to make it like an Instance. Same thing on the opposite side, only for higher levels. Buff the nobles at the end and give them decent drops.

  3. Tidal says:

    I hated everything about ToK. It was Blackburrow on steroids. Mobs would aggro through walls, and kill you in spots where you couldnt even invis/rez. Going there alone was always a bad idea.

    • Northax says:

      Blackburrow was fun… if you’re in a [competent] group, of course! Same goes for ToK, in my view.

      I think being in a full group (with tank and healer) is certainly the deciding factor here. Going to Blackburrow or ToK alone is just totally annoying, lonely and thus boring.

      I always love grouping, never soloing, so that’s just me. I need someone to chat with while I am adventuring somewhere! The more the merrier!

      • BoomstickSaint says:

        At least Blackburrow has rare spawns that drop actual rare gear. And decent gear at that, or at least it used to be decent. ToK is full named mobs that drop nothing at all. Unless you are getting quest items ther really is no reason to. Ever visit that place lol

      • Northax says:

        That’s what ToK was specifically for: questing

        But it was still fun when I went on my characters! With a good group and fun/adventurous mindset, not taking things too seriously, it can be really fun. 🙂

        I agree, they should have still made some rares drop there, just like Blackburrow. I always loved Blackburrow, having to slowly work your way down inside with a group, so fun. 🙂

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