Dual, tri, quad boxing

EQOA has the interesting advantage of being easily multi-boxable. I have seen several people do this on WoW, but running multiple PC accounts is a little trickier than multiple PS2’s. Multi-boxing attributed to EQOA’s success and is a large part of remaining existence.

To anyone that didn’t play EQOA, dual-boxing was when a player hooked up 2 PS2’s, 2 internet connections, and usually 2 TV’s and played 2 accounts at once. The common combinations were healer/tank and healer/dd. Advantages included leveling, questing, the ability to trade items between characters, and the option to powerlevel your toons.

Some people took this to an extreme and expand to three or four PS2’s. Paying $60 a month to play EQOA, these players were often seen running 3 necros and a tank or melee. They would not only have to invest in multiple consoles, discs, subscriptions, memory cards, and possibly TVs, they would also have to buy macro controllers that would spam certain spells. These controllers could easily go for $60.

I personally dual-boxed for about 3 months. I never got a set of toons higher than level 12. (This was before boon and after WoW was released.) Instead, I usually used the 2nd box to assist in trading or leveling and farming. I was in high school at the time and I can still remember my parents’ reaction to my purchase… In the end it worked out. I went to college and my freshman roommates burned out the PS2 I brought.

What I’m really curious about now is how many of the current population dual boxes? In other words, how many players are there versus how many accounts there are? If you are in a bigger guild, can you give us a guess of what % of your guild is multi-boxing? In our guild, the ratio is at for every 3 players, 1 person is dual-boxing.

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2 Responses to Dual, tri, quad boxing

  1. Ayrica says:

    I used to dual-box with a bard and necromancer. Excellent combo. Have your bard do all the work, with the necro on 1st person camera auto-follow. I had target assist macros to add DoTs as well as target leader macros for pacts. The added bonus of pet damage made quick work of enemies. The best part is that the bard’s HoT refilled any health the necro lost through pacts. It was a very symbiotic relationship. 🙂

  2. David says:

    Well i usually only run the one box nowdays but i have 4 accounts and had 3 boxes running years ago. I might go back to dual boxing again soon but idk about tri or quad again. Additional boxes make the game alot easier with quests and bank space. Its also nice if you have been waiting for an hour on a 4th person for a group then you just log in your other account and have your 4th.

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