Can I get a roll call?

Hey guys, a lot of people have posted in the General Discussion and Who was your character? section recently. I am looking to get together a list of people who are currently playing. If you would post your character’s name. Please keep all other posts in the previously mentioned sections!

I’m playing under the names Stonee, Stoneb, and Corrigan.

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10 Responses to Can I get a roll call?

  1. Sildien says:


  2. Sidius MF says:


  3. BoomstickSaint says:

    Wreckanize / Wreckula / Magmahand / Aias / Wreckuiem / Caezar

  4. Kordolin says:

    Whirls / Kordo / Trotyl

  5. Christopher McGhee says:


    Marr’s Fist


  6. David says:

    Im not on my original server of PPo any more( i can be) but i migrated to clw with everyone and am usually playing on wildcards atm but will have kahzahm and hipnotist on after i get mc on wildcards.

  7. Jypcie says:

    Fayelle 24 dot drd
    Sindarye 23 pow nec
    Fayele 60 dot epic abil
    Sindarye 60 pow nec epic
    Feliane 60 sk
    my husband also is currently playing he makes alot of new toons but his highest on clw is Deefile 24 nec blood path
    wargasim 60 blood nec w/epic
    copafealsky 54 rge (cant remember path wound maybe)

  8. James says:

    Omniac on CLW and on DH once in a while

  9. Jeremy says:

    As of next week I’ll be back on.
    60 Guardian
    60 Defender
    55 Warrior
    52 Alchemist

  10. Wolfs says:

    Wolfs / Jonnycash on clw eqoa was epic šŸ™‚

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