Max Debt

It was a given that before your character hit 60, you would be in max debt at one point or another. When you hit 60, there was about a 100% chance you would spend most of your time in max debt.

I don’t remember what the exact amount for debt is, but I feel like it was close to 54 million. 1 death at level 60 results in about 13 million debt. Once debt was maxed, it would easily take 2-3 hours in a solid group to work that down again.

What’s changed? The other day, I died twice. Realized I didn’t have boon, so I death gated. 3 deaths totaling close to 40 million xp and it took less than 15 minutes to work it off thanks to boon. Strangely, it’s much faster and more efficient to death gate now than return home.

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