As I’m putting together the final parts to my alchemist’s build, I’m realizing that there are 4 ways for a toon to boost their stats: gear, buffs, CMs, and TPs. What I can’t decide is which is more important than the other? In other words, should your gear dictate your TPs and CMs? Buffs are sort of a separate item all together because you could randomly get avatar or an ogre pill, offsetting the entire placement of TPs.

What I’m finding is that I have to boost my stamina TPs in order to unlock all of the CM stat maxers. This means that both STA and WIS will be over 250 to unlock all 5 Vigor’s and Insight’s. Unfortunately, most gear has stamina associated with it. This means that my stamina is now locked on max by easily 50 points. This is also true for my agility thanks to the sabertooth lionwere form. (Which I finally got after 3 weeks of farming.)

With agility and stamina maxed, I’m looking for gear that’s high in AC, dex, and wisdom… which seems to not exist. Almost everything that is good for an alc has stamina and wis, which leads me to completely different observation: Alc’s should be ratweres, not lion. Rat boosts dex and agil and while the ability doesn’t really help your character, how often in a group or raid does a lionwere use the aoe root?

What I seem to be coming back to is working my CMs, then my TPs, then my CMs again, buffing, and then picking out my gear to max out my character. Stat maxers are probably the most valuable CMs in the game due to the fact that, if need be, at least one buff in the game can probably raise your stat in a given category.

Stats in EQOA really aren’t as simple as they seem and SOE did a great job of making characters customizable. TPs and CMs are unique in their own right, even well beyond WoW’s talent tree system. Yet I will say that the lack of gear selection is the greatest let down and remains a hindrance on the games excitement at level 60.

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2 Responses to Stats

  1. BoomstickSaint says:

    This is why rehabs are a godsend. I have rebuilt my alc multiple times on what I was trying to achieve, what gear I was wearing, or what cms I wanted/had bought. A piece of gear I like that a lot of people might just vender off is froglock hide gloves. Stats are something like: 115 hp 50 pr 110 ac. I have my sta and wis maxed already, so that piece of gear really hit the spot for me with decent ac, the main resist my alc need and high ac. Only way it could be better is if it had dex or agi on it. Right now for me on my alc its all coming down to gear.

    • Stoney says:

      I think it keeps me logging on knowing that every CM you earn can be reworked later on. I remember people used to get their MC tag then delete 200 CMs so they could re-earn the lower cost ones.

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