Short, hairy feet, beer gut… and almost never seen. Halflings have always been the least made race due to their remote starting location and lack of caster class options. Yet, I’m astonished at how few exist on CLW. Humans and elves are still the most frequently seen with erudites, barbarians, and gnomes making up a sortof second tier of race abundance.

I have always thought that halflings make the best rogues and the 2nd best warriors due to their racial CMs. I also like their look, which I might be alone in that preference. I guess not having the ability to be a caster has a big impact on how many people choose the race.

To be fair, the halfling quests are a pain in the ass and before the FP port was installed, making the run to anywhere was truly a hassle.

As a quick update on my alc’s progress: I’m up to over 50 lionwere kills and have yet to get the infection. I usually log on for an hour or so and make the same run, finding between 6-12 a night. Once this is completed, I’ll be doing the stat quests and maybe some grinding. Then it’s on to raiding!

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