Were Infection – Tips and Insight

In my time playing EQOA, I have learned a few valuable tips on getting a were infection. I’m currently trying to get my alc’s lionwere form and have been spending a week doing it. Here is some insight and tips into doing the pain-in-the-ass task.

1. Don’t think you’re going to do it overnight.

2. Don’t wait till 60 to start. Getting infected is an odds based program. Meaning that the higher the XP, the higher the chance a character can get infected. Yellows seem to be your best bet. Unfortunately for myself, the highest level were’s are well under 55 and con light blue.

3. You can get infected with a 60 in the group. Even if you’re getting zero XP while you follow a 60, you can still get infection.

4. If you can’t kill the mobs in the zone where the weres spawn, forget it. The looting system is much like the Tetris block system where imagine a randomly generated spawn system. If you kill 100 mobs, 100 new and random mobs will spawn next. Though there looks to be a program running that adjusts the odds of random spawns based on what populations of mobs are in the zone. Example: if 50% of the zone consists of Kappa Warriors, then the game will not spawn more warriors.

5. Kill s*.

6. There’s no secret to it. It’s simply killing a mob over and over. Each time you kill it, a program runs that is based on a percentage. A yellow mob probably gives you a 3-5% chance of being infected and a low light blue is probably in the .5%, or lower. It has nothing to do with getting critted, having a certain faction, or any of the other silly myths that make a game like EQOA seem like it’s Watson and not a PS2 game.

7. Remember where you find the most spawns! I’m not sure if there’s a correlation between where you kill and where a were spawns but I would like to think there is. Plus if you never run into a were in the NE part of the zone, then don’t bother running there.

Anyway, I’m up to about 30-35, light blue lionwere kills. I suspect it will take between 100 and 150 based on the odds above. Easily be 2 more weeks of killing s*.

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3 Responses to Were Infection – Tips and Insight

  1. George says:

    Actually, it can be done overnight. Just completed the werelion ordeal in less than nine hours (that time includes breaks). Search around on the interwebs and you’ll find some spot on information that will guide you through it. It’s not that cryptic of a task after all.

    • Stoney says:

      What level were you? It definitely can be done since it’s based on chance… I ran a 37 druid through the entire thing, from quest to infection, in 4 hours total. But at 60, it’s definitely a longer process.

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