Unending Endgame

I got sucked into EQOA yesterday. I logged on with 530ish cms and by the time I logged off, I had 800+, lionwere faction, and the stamina quests completed. In games like WoW, when you reach the highest level (which changes every 12 months thanks to things called “expansions”) your main goal is to farm gear. You can PvP but as far as leveling goes, you’re done.

In EQOA, you hit 60 and have several months before you’re fully done leveling. And let’s say you get to the 1500 cm barrier, you might not have even cracked into a were quest or started to raid. Raiding in general is all based on who you know. It would be nice to say, “Well, I think I’ll go raid…” It’s just not like in WoW where there are so many people that you can almost queue up for one nightly.

Thus, the game gets kind of dull once you’re done leveling. It hasn’t hit that point for me just yet but I know at any moment I’ll realize that I’m wasting my time and either make an alt or quit all together.

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7 Responses to Unending Endgame

  1. BoomstickSaint says:

    Alts are where its at for me. As soon as I get bored with one toon I make or work on another. Got 60, Lich and Subversion on my nec. I’m pretty done with him for the moment, so I started working on my monk which is lv 40 now lol. Still need to get tag, MCAs and gator infection on my alc, plus I started a bard I think I might be digging, gotta level my warrior. After that, who knows. I have one empty character slot and a couple toons I don’t care for that could be replaced. As long as I have people to game with I think I have plenty to keep me going.

    • Victor says:

      After taking 13 or 14 days off I don’t really want to play but I’m going to for lack of hobby’s until school starts. So I want to get 60/gator/slayer and do PoS :). Farm a few mobs http://www.crypticsouls.ca/zplootminions.htm there; drops for everyone. Already at 700 CM’s on him so assuming I actually have the nerve to finish the side quest I could go DK, invis, let pet take crits, and then let trait BP+wrecks pacts keep my HP up and assuming that works I could pull the whole camp and then you(stonee) could murder them. Because I believe deep in my heart you know how to play your character.

      I have no clue if we’re capable of doing them mobs but we’ll find out. Also, yes, I actually have grouped with a 60 Alchemist who just threw pots and didn’t understand the concept of chaining AoE spells while throwing pots.

    • Stoney says:

      Yo Wreck, I’m on business till Friday. I played a ton last weekend… if you want to get lion with me this weekend, I’m running it when I’m on.

  2. Mike says:

    One thing i regret is this i never got a toon to cap, and i started playing eqoa pre fronts when it was first released..Anyway i came back this summer but even on clw didnt really seem worth it.. plus i had a 51 necro and a 55 pally really didnt want to start over farm for money for abillities etc…If i could of i would of just hit 60 when i had the chance on my pally, but at least WoW is somewhat of a substitute but no other mmo IMHO can touch this game.

    • Stoney says:

      Man I was in the same boat as you for a long time. Alts were just too easy and fun. I deleted so many mid-40s toons just to make room for new alts. Not sure why, looking back on it.. but once you have a 60 in place, it’s kind of a done spot on your character list.

  3. Mike says:

    Yeah but the only thing im holding on to is that SOE reads stuff likes this and puts out an expansion for PS3 i know they say that its a lost cause but they really dont listen to the fan base of this game

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