Looking for some help with the blog!

Hey guys, here are some things I was wondering if one of the regular readers or a new one would be interested in helping me out with…

1. New header image. Looking for a graphic design junky that can put together something cool to replace the images I rip from online.

2. Guest writers – As always, send me your stuff! I’ll be happy to post input.

3. Forum. EQOA’s main forum site is way too big and under some pretty strict rules. Does anyone know of a better forums site? Zam has about 10 users total and I have seen some guilds with decent forums. Post your responses!

4. Media. If you can take ingame photos, let me know!

Email: rickstonebrook@yahoo.com or leave a comment.

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3 Responses to Looking for some help with the blog!

  1. BoomstickSaint says:

    As for #1 I happen to be a graphic designer, or at least that’s what my degree says.

    As for #4 I have a couple images from some raids I did on PPO with Immortal Spirits. They were taken from a camera pointed at the screen rather than screenshots but they look mostly okay.

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