Robe Hoax

In EQOA’s prime (2003-4), people would do about anything to get a hold of an ALL/ALL robe. Thankfully, for a jerk like me, there was a popular forums site called that was my opening for a fun prank to be pulled on the EQOA community.

A friend and I collaborated in making a few fake account names and spent about a month putting up random posts on the site to build our credibility. This probably took 2-3 minutes a day but as anyone who posts on public forums knows, new posters are never taken seriously. 

With 8-10 account names at our disposal, I posted a new thread titled “New ALL/ALL robe??” The contents of the post were basically that we had stumbled upon a new rare mob in a spider cave (mentioned in this post) that had dropped a red robe. We gave the location and mob name and then set our characters up in the spider mine.

In a few minutes, doubters began posting trying to ruin the fun. We then logged onto our other account names and posted confirmation that we had either seen the mob or had heard of the robe. The thread had grown to over 60 replies in about an hour.

Meanwhile, we were logged on in the mine. Within minutes of the post, level 60s of all guilds were pouring in to get a piece of the robe.

This prank ended rather oddly as a few more popular player began mailing the GM and posting on EQOA’s official forums. In 4 hours, the myth was debunked by a GM and a few of my accounts were banned from In total, 44 people came to the mines and who knows how many came after we left.

If you were on of those people… sorry.

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