Thoughts so far on the EQOA return.

Overall, I haven’t regretted resubscribing to EQOA. It’s still a fun game and if you haven’t played in a few years, there’s some good new content. New things to look out for:

  • ST Quests – These are great to do at level 35ish. Between Lil Snappa at tame crocs and Sunnyvale’s mobs, you can collect a good amount of ST faction. Additionally, they always drop decent rares that can help you gain some cash.
  • Boon of Hagley – Game-changer. I have really enjoyed this and while emphasis on xping has been reduced, it has made the game bearable thus far.
  • DM quest – I have only done this one or two times, but the DM quest is a good way to jump from 30 to 46 with little problem. I think the earliest you could start soloing the quest would be 42-44ish. With the boon, it gives 20m xp every 10 minutes or so. In the future, if I need a boost to gain interest in the game, I just run out there and do this.

As with the days in EQOA’s prime, it’s still more fun when playing with other people. Recently we’ve all had things come up like class and work, but for the most part, we’re all able to be on after 6pm EST.

There are some questions that I’m sure everyone who is speculating about returning wants to know. I’ll go through a few and if you have others, feel free to post a comment asking.

1. Is the game dead?

Yes and no. When I logged onto Hodstock, there was one other person on. The auctions had a total of 6 items for sale. After talking with the only other player, he said that most people log on at night. Marr’s Fist was even worse. The auctions had just 1 item for sale and no other players on.

With this said, CLW is still doing decently well. It’s by no means in its 2004 form but there are about 20-40 people in FP at any given moment. The auctions are pretty full and if you search items for your character, you’ll get 2-3 pages of results. Proof that the economy is still afloat lies in the fact that I’m able to build a nice bankroll pretty quickly. This means there are still people buying gems and gear.

2. Are all the updates overwhelming to learn?

Honestly, no. Unlike WoW, they didn’t revamp the entire game. This you might expect given SOE’s notorious reputation for below-par updates. But the updates that are involved, some listed above, make the game much better. With certain tricks, you can get your first few hundred CM’s in a few hours rather than a few days.

The first thing to do when returning is to go outside of a local city and farm enough from the low level mobs to get the 1k for boon. You can go to pickclaws by HP if you really want to but the basic quests will be enough to advance your character to 33ish in no time.

3.  How do I find other people to play with?

Post a comment or shoot us an email. In game you can just mail Stonee. We are up to 10-13 active players that have characters of all levels. I have no problem taking the entire night to help you get settled and up to our level.

4. What should I make?

If you want to solo, alchemists would be your best bet. They kill fast and have high enough hitpoints to take multiple mobs down. Yet, due to hunt and gather quests, you can probably make what ever you want and not run into too many challenges leveling.

I wouldn’t say there’s a shortage of everything because most people who group, know each other. Thus, it’s not like the old days where you can make a healer and expect to find a group instantly.

5. Biggest thing you can recommend?

Crafting. If you return, start crafting as soon as you can. It’s amazing how few crafted items are on auctions between 23 and 38. I’m sure other levels are the same. There is almost no competition and once you get to the point of making gear with stats, you’ll begin to cover your expenses extremely quick.

Lastly, farm tiny snowman for fruitcakes! Fruitcakes are a scaling food that are essentially free. Little level 1 snowmen wander around FP, HP, and BSI. Kill them and you have a chance to loot a fruitcake. They stack up to 99 and everyone I play with keeps that stack full. Be careful though, I have often accidentally targeted a guard, swung at him, and then gotten gang banged by the guards close by. Though funny, it’s a bit of an unnecessary setback.

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8 Responses to Thoughts so far on the EQOA return.

  1. BoomstickSaint says:

    Yeah I started armor crafting last night, I’m up to lv 5 I believe. Not really to make money, ust because I wanted armor and couldn’t find any. Gonna try to keep my crafting up with the level of my warrior.

  2. Lostangyl says:

    The ST quests and boon were implemented shortly before we quit, and the Dawn Maiden quest was a lifesaver lvling our toons on CLW when we had returned. I was under the impression back then that boon would be temporary, but I guess not. Good. One of my main concerns is ZP (if they even still call it that). One of the things that made me personally irate was allllll the hours my guild and I spent doing entry quests, farming faction, getting spells and armor, etc. that went to waste when they revamped it. It was still up in the air when we finally quit for good, so I’m curious about what it’s like now. But still a little mad, LOL

  3. Landarjon says:

    I started up my account again (about a 3-4 year break) a few months ago and leveled a necro on CLW up to 39 or 40 and ended up canceling my account because finding a group was insanely hard. If it would be possible to get a group together in the late 30s/early 40s range, or just run the DM quest I would be totally down to resubscribe my account.

    • Stoney says:

      Yeah man… we all went from 0-60 pretty easily so there’s definitely some new tricks to it. If you do return, shoot me an ingame mail to Stonee.

  4. Penne says:

    you sound like good people i’d group with you. my main is Zerk 60 berserker and i just got to 60 today with my SK Savage called Penne. 6 more toon slots to build up 🙂 I plan to make a Pyromancer next, nice and easy then make a Sorceror.

  5. kostume says:

    I’m coming back after 4yrs off , names kostume 60 lich clw have 5 other toons lvl 40+ if i remember correctly will be back around feb 15ish ill be looking for you online stonee if anyone reading this that i used to roll woth in PR and EotSK hit me back in game going to need a lil refresher course lol

  6. Jypcie says:

    My husband and I were seriously considering returning. We each have a couple lvl60 toons on ppo. Fayele lvl 60 drd and wargasim lvl60 nec.(I called soe to check) is ppo dead? Any one on clw from ppo? I wouldnt mind starting over on a new server if it meant seeing familiar faces.

  7. Woolfmoon says:

    My wife and i are returning asap. Once we get some extra cash to buy 2 ps2’s. Gamestop wants 60 dollars for a slim! Ouch! that’s 120 and not a drop in the bucket for us! But once we get ps2’s it’s on! Seriously can’t wait! Thank you to everyone who stuck through the lack of support from sony! We owe you a debt of gratitude! We met online back in 03! Yes that’s right a eqoa marriage! Thank you sony! Even though you let the game go. I owe you for the love of my life! Woolfmoon wilding my main Majesta pyro my alt. Zonia Carebears and Shine,her toons. All CLW. See you all in FP baby!!!

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