In previous posts I have mentioned how EQOA has a drastic lack of item content. Especially in comparison to an ever-expanding game such as World of Warcraft. However, I have come to realize that this made EQOA’s rares much more exciting, diverse, and valuable.

CV and Weapon

If you have ever played WoW, you know all about the rares that are “of the” wolf, monkey, bear, etc… It’s the same item with slightly different stats. Over and over and over again you cycle through these till 85. The best rares in WoW? The ones that come from dungeons bosses. These are unique in their name and stats. And that’s how every single EQOA rare was. They were all like unique blues that are found in WoW.

Same gear PreFronts

Now I realize that WoW had a much larger population and all rares bound to the user but that makes EQOA’s a bit more interesting. How often do you see a centaur lance? And yet, that’s not no trade lore item. People tend to actually keep and value ultra rare items that they could easily cash out on by selling to another player.


Rares were actually rare. In the EQOA’s prime, people paid $350 to buy items. Before crafting gear came along — which I think crafting sort of dulled the demand for lesser-rares — people shelled out a ton of tunar for things such as an ancestial breastplate or a coral helm. Think about robes before crafting. Healers could only find them if they were dropped by a mob. It was pretty typical to see a level 40 or even 50 shaman or cleric wearing some cloth and leather armor that they had picked up along the way and mixed with various quest gear. Check out the second photo. That guy’s helm, weapons, and robe were all one-of-a-kind rares that didn’t have stat variations.

Clearly this character had no luck in finding rares. (joke)

One last cool thing about EQOA rares compared to WoW ones… if it was a weapon, you usually could see it in the hand of the mob you were about to kill. If a gnoll is holding something you haven’t seen before, you were going to get that weapon. Now this wasn’t always the case but when it happened, it was definitely a really cool element added by SOE.

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4 Responses to Rares

  1. Victor says:

    Notice how clear that bottom picture is? I wonder if that’s simply for the fact that edited it or if they had a computer version that was playable.

  2. Boneduke says:

    I remember when crafting in EQOA was implemented – I originally thought one would be creating rares that felt unique and mystical (like a doomscale tunic or a elfbone warsword!). But really the fare that one could create was akin to the “of the monkey” or “of the bear” etc items in WOW. Generic things with the same stats increasing relatively as you leveled up. Crafted gear seemed to trivialize the majority of rares in game – always felt like a shame, since so much effort had clearly gone into the loot tables.

    That’s my bard in the 2nd pic btw – pretty sure he was wearing that statless bard usable plate helm that was lv28 or so… hehe one item I still remember farming up after countless hours was the songsword tunic (arctic loot table, lv28ish) – was a bard only plate tunic, one of at most a few plate usable bard items that didn’t get nerfed way back in 2003 or whenever that was. Stuff like that was what made rares interesting in EQOA…doesn’t seem like anything in WOW has that same sort of allure to it.

  3. Spiritbreakr says:

    I made a VERY lucrative business out of farming rares. as soon as I was able to solo I began running to zones and searching out the mobs that dropped a particular robe, a certain wand (after perusing the boards for in-demand item info). I remember farming mermaids and getting Vellium Ore to drop–had never seen it before and put it on auction for 3mil buyout. Sold instantly, and I got tons of tells and mail asking where I’d gotten it (I sent players on a wild goosechase).

    I farmed Stonebrunt Mountains and sold dozens of Orbs of Primordial Intellect, Orbs of Spiritual Fortitude, and Tunarian Shields. I farmed at least four Crowns of the Jaguar, sold tons of Soul Mastery spells farmed from the underwater cave in Lake Rathe. At the end of the day I wound up with full sets of rare gear, ultra rare weapons, and a few rare pets and spells. Great, fun game, I miss the great times we all had in Norrath.

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