Oh how WoW spoiled me…

The blind running in EQOA is incredibly frustrating. WoW offered quest helpers, ingame maps, and cords. I’ve already wasted several trips running to the wrong spots…

Dying is a pain in the ass for the simple reason that you don’t warp to a spiritmaster, but instead go back to where you are bound. There are hardly enough people around in starting cities to hook you up with a rez. Also, losing your cash when you die is tough. Just trying to do the 17 quests, which require 600 tunar each, has become an even more drawn out process.

To be fair, the boon is a bit ridiculous. I figured I would try it out and I went from level 10 to 17 in 3 quests. I’m all for speeding up leveling — but damn.

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2 Responses to Oh how WoW spoiled me…

  1. BoomstickSaint says:

    Welcome to the new EQOA lol

    Not sure if you found out, but there is an npc in each starting city that will port you directly to fp, so long as you are under level 10, I believe. That should help with getting coaches and finding people.

    I’m working on getting the clearance to activat my account, and once I do, ill start working on getting my friends who played to come back too. Hoping ill be back by next week.

  2. BoomstickSaint says:

    Also, if you want a great map, search for Airica’s map. Its almost perfect. There is a sticky on the station forums to it in the general discussion section.

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