Happy NYE, favorite part of the game.

First off — Happy New Year’s, guys and gals! This blog started back in October and I appreciate the small (but loyal) following. 2011 will bring our return to the game and for a few months we will relapse to our days of EQOA addiction.

In the Author section for this blog, I talk about how I don’t really play video games as much as I watch other people play. One part of that is scenery that RPG’s provide. I think it’s really cool to see what game designers come up with. Thus, my favorite part of  the game was the area between Qeynos and Forkwatch. Why? Sunny, grassy, and of course the muddy gnoll paws.

Though this can go too far. I remember I was on the western coast of the mainland, just north of Qeynos. Some other player was out there too, he told me to follow him. I should have known it was going to get weird. My mother always told me to avoid taking candy from strangers and going with them, but thankfully there are no sketch white vans in EQOA.

Anyway, we swam out to this small fishing boat. He told me to look out at the ocean, to where the sun was setting. That’s when he crossed the line:

Randomplayer: I love to come out here and watch the sun set.

I immediately reached forward, powered off my PS2, and went outside.

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2 Responses to Happy NYE, favorite part of the game.

  1. Victor says:

    Is that Murnf? And I had someone do the same thing to me haha. Two things:

    1. Except it was right outside Highborne on the highest mountain top around. Although he never said “To watch the sunset” it was during the “sun set” lol.

    2. I think that specific boat is used for a Erudite Quest. I’m definitely not sure which one but I think you get a fishing net from there or something. I don’t know.

  2. Northax says:

    One of my most fond memories of specific environments was on my Monk, in the Monk starting area… way before Frontiers (I don’t have nostalgic feelings of anything Frontiers; it’s just not the original EQOA, and things I hated about Frontiers were the were-infection garbage, Vox’s lair not being the main place to raid, same with IoD, etc.) .

    Anyway, Monk starting area was nice to run around. It was a nice spot when the sun was out. I always liked it. Ah, the memories of being a newb Monk back when the game first came out. *sigh* Those were the best times! 🙂

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