Where the Spiders Roam

I believe this place was to the south of Forkwatch. There was a level 35ish quest there that was really tough because of all the roaming critters. Specifically, spiders owned the broken down railway cave. I will give someone a shout-out if they can tell me what zone this is in…

Today is the 30th, which means January is just 2 days away! We’ll give people some time to get settled into the new year and then look at setting an official date to return. I’m not sure I want to roll on the CLW server just yet but I also have a feeling in about a month we will regret not doing it.

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12 Responses to Where the Spiders Roam

  1. Victor says:

    Also if you read this post: http://eqoa.allakhazam.com/forum.html?forum=18&mid=1293226009179512623&page=1

    I am not lying about the things I say. I hate liars and I think it would be selfish for you to start on anything but CLW. There is at least one or two guilds left on every server demolishing everything so It’s not exactly free reign. Not to mention there is no body levels 1-59 on other servers. And probably one out of every 20 people within that level range on CLW.

    So if one person dips you’re now part of this new EQOA community getting PL’d because you sure as hell ain’t finding another person on any of the other servers(and may have to go with 3 people for a day or two on CLW). But to explain my other post more yes I expect us to take 1.5 months to get 60 w/MC then I expect you to make a guild (where you mentioned wanting as many people as we could get… lol) which would be at it’s peak 3-4 months in.

    That’s if we’re lucky and we are actually able to recuit. We got to make people want to join us. I then expect us to get a max of around 20 active people and it to slowly die off because that’s life ya know? I think it will be something we all remember doing but I don’t think it’s going to last.

    • Stoney says:

      Definitely true here. It might take me longer than 1.5 months unless we’re using luck. I’m not really in a rush. As for getting people to follow us… it’ll come with time. Just like this blog — we’re gaining readers by the day.

      • Sarodare says:

        I love reading this blog brings back good memories. I’m actually debating on starting up again. I just found my fronts disc ๐Ÿ˜€

  2. Sarodare says:

    Thats Spider Mines ๐Ÿ˜€ Used to farm Dark Ore there for a Hunt and Gather quest

  3. BoomstickSaint says:

    I’ve been thining about coming back too, but with a new baby I can get my baby momma to give me the okay lol if I do start up I would totally join up up with you guys. I’ve a 60 alc and 30ish nec and war on CLW. If you want to roll on another server I have a 60 nec and 55 war on PPO (home server)

    • Stoney says:

      Nice man! Congrats on the kid! It looks like we’ll be on CLW. In a few days I’ll be throwing up a post with an update to where everyone should meet up and possibly a rough-schedule. When was the last time you played?

      • BoomstickSaint says:

        I played for a couple months in the fall of 09.

        I originally started in december 04, shortly after the release of Fronts. A couple of my buddies had started playing and couldn’t stop talking about it, which got me dying to play. I had never heard of Everquest before. I had no idea what an MMO was even lol I played through probably around 07 non-stop. Since then I’ve come back to play nearly every fall and/or spring for a couple months at a time, until 2010.

      • Victor says:

        I’d just like to add that December ’04 is over a year after Frontiers came out, which is a looong time on the EQ time line.

  4. BoomstickSaint says:

    My bad, I have been playing since a month after Fronts launch. I was mistaken on the year, I am an old man after all. Cut me some slack lol

  5. Boneduke says:

    Anyone ever get anything unique off the named spider in there – think it was called Queen Crawler – had a placeholder in the very back of the cave? did a lot of farming in that spot too, never once got a drop off it. never got tired of killing Stam Styblade though ๐Ÿ™‚

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