Wasp Hive

To the West of Teth sat the infamous wasp hive. Level 11-15, wandering mobs that for a while could be glitched into a non-attack stance. In the middle of the hive spawned the Queen with her 2 guards.

This place was most notorious for trains and glitching. It was really easy to put on SoW, run through the middle of 10 wasps, then find an unsuspecting group.

In case you’ve forgotten about the glitch (or played after it had been fixed) there was a platform outside of the hive entrance. To get to it, you had to run up the ramp towards the hive and then jump onto the platform. This was a great place to level since wasps wouldn’t agro up it. Anyway, if you walked to the side of the platform, you could actually stand on the side of it without falling off. In this position, wasps could not attack you but you could attack them. Similar to the cactus glitch.

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7 Responses to Wasp Hive

  1. Victor says:

    I spent a good month in Teth just wondering around in a fantasy world lol.

  2. Boneduke says:

    First character was a human paladin so my most striking memories of the original game are all in Qeynos. But around June 2003 I decided to start fresh on a new toon and made an elf rogue. Lots of great memories at the wasp hive, and then later Thedruk mines – watching the level ~20s pull Bulbor up from the very bottom of the mine and train him on all the lower levels grinding on the mobs outside (back then, didnt know what training was…didnt realize I was “grinding” either…was only after a while that the leveling experience became more of a grind than just exploring).

    I played EQOA from release til 2007ish. Had a lot of toons but my main was Windwoven, a human bard on Diren Hold. Since leaving in 2007 (and bequeathing my CV to a friend – hehe, funny what a mystique that item had…after 3 years in WOW I’m yet to find an equivalent…) been playing WOW on the Velen server – all my toons in WOW are nods to EQOA – a rogue Boneduke, a hunter Talonthorn, a rogue Talamir, and a deathknight Graumord (gotta be the best name for a DK one could have 🙂 … hopefully you’ll be able to tell that all of those are EQOA references, some are kinda obscure. Great game – and awesome blog man.

  3. Jon says:

    I have so many memories of this place. EQOA was my first MMO experience and my first group was here. I remember being asked by my group to “pull” and I had no idea what they meant, haha. But they were very friendly and taught me all the basics of MMOs here at the wasps. And yeah, we killed the queen with the rock glitch. Haha,

  4. Moory says:

    One of my all time favorite places.

  5. Northax says:

    Yep, I do remember wasps very much. I had some low level elf chars on other servers (my main server was CLW, and ended CLW), and thus when leveling up all of my human chars on CLW I made sure to get all coaches at really low levels -> level 3-5. So I did some xping at the hive on many of my human chars! I loved it, because you’d just see all the groups inside brawling with the wasps. I remember killing the queen, but I cannot remember what dropped (her stinger? wep?); whatever it was, I didn’t get it. lol! The elf players all looked at me and always asked how I am there near elf cities and xp spots, me being Human. I told them that I run coaches at low level, just to get them over with. They are surprised. I didn’t mind it; running from all the mobs much higher lvl than I was, it was a challenge and made it scary/fun. 🙂

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