Level 60 mage pets

At one point in the game, there was a great debate over which pet/MC was best for mage. Their options were pretty distinct.

The most common were Pyromancers. From what I saw, these were basically rogues. They hit hard and casted every now and then.

Hydromancers had a pet that healed them for around 1400. These were probably the most rare due to their lack of damage dealing. For some reason, these still fascinate me. Does anyone know why you would be a hydro?

Geomancers were probably the 3rd most popular. Their pets were beastly tanks. The Badi was that green thing that people often sent in to take the crit. Besides soloing, I’m not sure why anyone would choose this class.

Aeromancers became pretty common in early Frontiers days. Their damage was unmatched by any other pet but were easily killed.

Ideally,  I’d like someone who has experience with these options to tell me why they chose what they did. From my own perspective, I would have gone pyro for the simple reason that it’s probably the most versatile.

Here’s a photo of the aero pet in a raid (The blue guy with the vest and the rice-farmer hat).

Photo courtesy of The Unnamed.

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4 Responses to Level 60 mage pets

  1. Victor says:

    As far as Hydromancer I cannot find a PVE reason except maybe tanking Vox, TFG’s or something based on CR. I believe dreadnaughts are also CR. Otherwise every Hydromancer I knew went that route to power level alts.

    • Stoney says:

      I can’t remember, but did the Hydro pet heal the group?

      • Victor says:

        Nope just the PLer when he got below half health. Which sometime caused groups to have to wait for the pet to heal the PLer. Or the pet to heal itself such as getting PL’d by Grand Animation. If you say it’s 1.4k I believe it but I think it’s closer to 2k and a few smaller heals. 2k, 600, 400, 800 etc.

      • Stoney says:

        You’re probably right. I chose 1400 because I think that’s a faithful’s tick. If they made the hydro a group healer, it’d be worth it.

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