Excitement in choosing your class

This is by far the most exciting part of any mmorpg. You end up spending so much time trying to figure out what to make and what to name your character that you get discouraged from even playing in the first place. I’m curious if other people have this problem too?


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4 Responses to Excitement in choosing your class

  1. Victor says:

    Nope I got the strategy guide on release date with a game, read it on the hour ride home and by then I decided on a Troll Shadowknight. I got to level 9 that night mostly by XPing off the undead around Grobb with a 12 SK/second 9 SK. That 9 SK ended up being one of the most known players on FH.

    • Stoney says:

      Yeah, a friend of mine owned that guide too. My first character was a level 9 monk on FH that I quickly abandoned to join a friend on Hodstock. I think I went with a Eru SK until I realized I couldn’t coach anywhere. I wasn’t smart enough at the time to figure out that it was because SK’s were evil…

      • Victor says:

        Haha the Mage I haven’t posted about in the past was probably made during the first three days and played for a few more. He was a Erudite Mage. I remember this being the first character I did quest on and trying to kill the Banded King Snake literally 20+ times then a 6 Necro came along and we died about 4 times but finally killed it.

        Shit that 9 monk might of been you. Do you remember killing the ninjba with a Mage then accepting his friend request and never logging on him again?

      • Stoney says:

        Foon was the monk’s name. I didn’t start EQOA until about 2 weeks after release. I do remember the banded king snakes though… always around the rocks. Those things were a pain in the ass.

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