Minos were the greatest place to level. Ever.

Holy smokes, those guys bit off way more than they could chew!

Minos were the 35-40 camps near GM that you either got a ton of xp or you died constantly. It was one of the few mass-pull camps in the game and by far one of the most fun.

There were only 3 main caves and good tanks/healers would run in, pull 2-3, then the group went nuts on them. Unfortunately this feature would lead to Minos being a main PL spot…. meaning normal groups could never claim a cave.

When I return to the game, the leveling route will go through minos.

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10 Responses to Minos were the greatest place to level. Ever.

  1. Jon says:

    Heck yeah, cant wait to hit up those minos again.

    • Victor says:

      Me neither. If it works out like I want, with me being the tank and a Bard healing. We’ll get our fair share of them. My inner nerd is telling me how fast we’d destroy them at 37. A fair share to me is enough to where we’d be tired of them. We would also be getting our fair share of Bandits near BSI, Phantoms, Hexes, Merkins and Corroded Clockworks.

      There are also a few camps I want to XP at at least for a little bit such as: Undead near FP, Tame Crocs, BBW Crocs, Crocs, Sunnyville, Cracktooths, Legionaries, that Reaver camp there is a picture of on this site, the Nashier’s in middle of no where in the desert, Gharials, the mother fuckin throw back low level clockwork/animation camp. I believe it’s near Neriak and a ocean.

      • Stoney says:

        The roaming clockworks? We need to get a real list together and actually schedule this stuff out. Some of those camps you mentioned actually made me laugh out loud just because I haven’t seen the names in so long.

      • Victor says:

        I believe there are some roamers. It is definitely a pre-fronts camp though. There is a huge building there about the size of Vox’s castle and is where 29 Necromancers went to AFK XP. Also I believe certain classes got a mob for a 20 quest there. Castle Felstar!!!

  2. Stoney says:

    I’m okay with you tanking… I just don’t want to play a Bard. I got 2 of them to 60 already…

  3. Jon says:

    I’d personally like to rock the shammy again, but I’m down to fill whatever class is needed, so long as it’s not tanking. Never liked tanking, prob. cause I wasn’t good at it, ha.

    • Stoney says:

      So shammy (jon) and tank (victor) have been requested. I’m going between a few but I think Alch then Rogue are my top choices. Alch would probably be faster for us… if someone rolls a bard or ench, we’ll be set.

  4. BoomstickSaint says:

    I loved xping at Minos. I would say that camp is where I truly learned to tank. Learned how to hold aggro on multiple mobs at this place. I remember the first time I tanked there I was so worried about screwing up and getting everyone killed, but then I. Got the hang of it and started pulling multiples everytime.

    As for other camps, I really like it out at DFC. Nice low level rares drop out there. Got one of my favorite items there – battle worn tunic. Lv 32 dark blue bp, decent stats, but looked awesome.

    • Stoney says:

      Yeah all that battle worn stuff looked good. Bloodstained and sandstorm stuff too. Pretty much any plate tank gear looked cool imo. The crazy part about DFC was how far you had to run to get out there. Repairing and selling was such a hassle. Thankfully the LFG system helped with it but still.

      • BoomstickSaint says:

        The nice thing with boon is for camps like that you can just die to sell and repair, then rez back and debt is gone super fast.

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