Another post about my gaming atmosphere…

Music, soft drink, and TV selection. Let’s go a little deeper into how I lived when I was an Evercrack Online Adventures hero.

First up, music. Imagine this song blasting through my battery powered speakers:

Yeah, that’s right. Come wit it now!

Next, soda. I grew up in the south and lived in the midwest for college. It’s still soda. Zombieland made the appropriate joke that most gamers drink Mountain Dew’s ugly brother, Code Red. 

But there’s a better choice than that. The red and green cans would litter my room… After all, it was too far to walk down the hall to actually recycle them.

It’s called Sundrop. Its younger brother is just as tasty but his name is Cherry Lemon Sundrop. Get to know them because it’s the liquid candy that keeps any obsessed gamer up all night.

Lastly, TV selection. This was by a hand-me-down during the original Nintendo days. As I have written earlier, this guy got me through hours of Super Mario, Duck Hunt, and Madden 97. Don’t hate.

Strangely, this TV got non-stop use for about 10 years and to this day (it’s now 19 years old) still works like new. That’s true craftsmanship. Plus, doesn’t that thing look like it belongs in a dirty motel and is only good for viewing scrambled porn?


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5 Responses to Another post about my gaming atmosphere…

  1. Victor says:

    Eww soda? Why not a red bull or another energy drink if you’re going to go all the way with it.

    • Stoney says:

      Ha! This was 2003!! Red Bull wasn’t popular yet (if it even existed). You need to try Sundrop though. I probably drank 2-3 a day during the summer. Of course now I know what’s in soda and drink maybe one every 2-3 months.

  2. Moory says:

    Dr. Pepper
    Linkin Park
    19″ RCA TV

    That’s what I was all about in EQOA.

    • Stoney says:

      RCA must have been the go-to brand back in the day and I definitely listened to Linkin Park a ton. I still listen to their old stuff. The guy I played with that was a friend in real life, his mom worked for coke. There was a steady stream of MeloYello and Dr Pepper in his diet…

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