Active Buffs

There were very few different icons for EQOA buffs and you were never really sure which buffs you had until you went to your character screen and watched the text scroll by.

When you died, they went away. And when you were buffed, you couldn’t voluntarily remove the buff like WoW. Sometimes this would be a problem. For example, the ranger +15 health tick would interrupt any chance of a main healer’s crit.

Buffs were as crucial, if not more, than gear. A tank with avatar, the trans-pill, a druid’s AC buff, cleric’s HP and resists buffs, along with bard/enchanter buffs pretty much made them super-toons. With all these buffs along with diseases and plagues from enemies, it could take up the top 2 inches of your display, making them slightly annoying.

There was a point early in Frontiers where there was no minimum level to get these buffs. I remember being level 25 or so and having 3-4k HP while everyone else my level had 1k.

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8 Responses to Active Buffs

  1. oringish says:

    This reminds me of the original Everquest and how ~insane~ the Shaman buffs were. A single Shaman could fill up two columns of buffs, and like you stated, turn a new character into a monster. Ah, and then of course Spirit of the Wolf to run faster. SoW was possibly the most popular buff ever.

    • Stoney says:

      So SoW was straight from the original EQ? I never played it but have said in previous comments that I’m curious as to how much of the PS2 game came from the PC version.

  2. Auch says:

    Well, you caught my eye. I’ve been reading your blogs and I’ve never played EQOA in my life. I played the original EQ for about 8 years and still play it off and on sometimes, but it’s not what it once was. The nostalgia you feel for this game is very similar to what I feel for the PC version. It was and always will be the best. From the things I’ve read, the PC version and the PS2 version have many things in common. Classes, races, spells, zones, mobs, emotes, difficulty, etc.

    So, how much would it cost to get everything I need to play? By everything, I mean everything. Console, games, cable, controller, memory card. It’s probably not too much nowadays, right? I checked a few prices on Amazon, and it seems cheap enough. How much does it cost per month?

    I’m extremely interested. The thought of sitting on my couch and playing EQ with a controller in my hands is tempting.

    • Stoney says:

      Welcome to the blog! A lot of EQOA players were from the EQ version and I think most them made a comment about how much easier it was. For example, you can cast and run at the same time without canceling your casting sequence.

      As for costs:
      -New slimline ps2 $99 (Used is probably 40-60), controller and network adapter included.
      -Memory card – 5-10 bucks
      -EQOA game – probably 5-10 bucks used online
      -14.99 monthly fee, but you get your first month free if you buy the game new.
      -Internet access
      -USB Keyboard (20-40 dollars depending on what you want)

      In total, you could probably start playing for around $100, depending on the deals you find online. You don’t need a USB keyboard but it does make the experience better.

  3. Victor says:

    EQOA reminds me a lot of DAOC. I don’t know why it always just has. Back to what we were speaking about I liked it when raid buffed was considered RESIST BUFF/AVATAR/PURE HEART/OGRE PILL/CL BUFF. Not every single buff in the game stacking plus a few pots. Anyone remember when 10k HP was considered impossible in 2003 with only one person reaching the mark? Then in 2005 how 5k AC was the impossible mark? Then later in 2005 11k HP/5k AC was the mark to hit for elite MT’s?

    Now in 2010 the elite marks are 14k HP/7k AC. Tanking the same mobs we did with 11k/5k. I’d estimate 90% of the MT’s had less than that. So with 14kHP/7kAC we’re tanking the same mobs other people did with 11kHP/5kAC along with 4x EXP and a way to get 60 in under 24 hours played. Can someone tell me how they didn’t just put EQOA in easy mode and let it cruise?

    • Victor says:

      Sorry for the double post but I’ve had a few beers tonight. It must of got to me a little. I mean to say “I’d estimate 90% of the MT’s had less than that. So with 14kHP/7kAC we’re tanking the same mobs other people did with 10kHP/4kAC”

    • Stoney says:

      I remember when there were 20 necros pacting 1 tank and we considered it raiding. People are really up to 14k health now??

      • Victor says:

        Yep yep. You can just they the keyboard off your computer. Wireless keyboards do work, lol. Or just buy one at a local thrift store for 4 dollars.

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