Anyone who played EQOA knows exactly what that means. WoW players know it by “How many bars left?”

The thing about EQOA’s leveling system that really threw me off is that you could never precisely tell how many were left. It was almost like graphics from the Duke Nukem series where it seemed near impossible to tell the exact amount you had to go. Some might beg to differ but to be fair, my TV was a piece of s* from my days playing Duck Hunt.

Then there were the occasional glitches where you’d get enough to level and it wouldn’t ding your character. That was frustrating… and as a gaming nerd in my high school days I probably flipped out that it took a whole 30 seconds more to kill 1 more mob to ding.

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5 Responses to 1y2p

  1. Wilhelm2451 says:

    My group always calls them chiclets in WoW, and they are nice and big and there are 20 of them, so each represents 5% of a level.

    But I remember original EverQuest, which had the same five tiny little bubbles for experience progression per level. We would stare at that and declare “I think I got a pixel!”

    EQ now has a narrow blue bar that runs through the five bubbles that represents the progress through your current bubble.

    But I see that EQOA has the same bubbles that original EQ had… only they have to be viewed at television resolution. Ouch.

  2. Moory says:

    I would always made sure I had 2.5Y and 2.5P before I logged off between levels. It always made it seem like it wasn’t half as bad to level the next day.


    • Stoney says:

      If I was within a few pinks, I would always stay up later just to ding. This meant that logging on the next day was depressing to see an empty XP bar.

      • Victor says:

        I’m glad I never got addicted during my High School years. I can imagine

        DAD: “GO TO SLEEP NOW!!”
        *1 A.M*
        ME: “32 Warrior Seeking Group”.

        I did managed to play until 12 A.M. certain nights though. Always was responsible. I got 34 in February 2003. Wouldn’t been 50 by 4/03. Before Lady Vox was even spawned but I quit.

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