What purpose did this red dragon-punching-bag-pet really serve? You couldn’t stand in Freeport without seeing the following chat go over shout every 5 minutes.

Boredplayer: Hail Slagbreath!

Boredplayer: Hail Slagbreath!

Boredplayer: Hail Slagbreath!

30 seconds later…

Boredplayer: Goodbye Slagbreath!

Boredplayer: Goodbye Slagbreath!

Shout failed.

Most likely it was some 13 year old kid that was bored out of his mind because his mom won’t take him to see “From Justin to Kelly.”

Thankfully they made Slaggy unattackable.

Edit (1/8/11): They didn’t make Slagbreath unattackable. Watched him get beat to shreds, tonight. Sad.

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3 Responses to Slagbreath

  1. Victor says:

    I remember the “rite’s of passage” for EQOA players. A FP guard at level 30, the ambassador at 40, Slag at 35 I believe, then after that I kinda got done with the whole “I’m uber because I can solo ____” thing.

    • Stoney says:

      Remember the Ambassador at BSI? Used to love pulling that guy out.

      • Victor says:

        Nope. I remember him too though, he is like 25 though isn’t he? I remember people pulling him when BSI was still “the spot”. Lol thinking about it I remembered it was a 10 minute run to repair. Anyway.. the one in FP I believe he is 45 but chain cast 750 nukes.

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