What SOE got right in EQOA: Targeting

This blog has ripped SOE for a lot of stuff that they botched in the creation and maintenance of EQOA. However, they clearly got a lot right. I mean, why would I want to come back if they screwed everything up? I didn’t notice it until I played WoW and/or Runescape but one thing that they got right was the targeting system.

With the controller, you just tapped the bumper till you go to the mob you wanted. If you couldn’t find it, you could click the left triggers to get to your own group, then do a combination to find who they are targeting. Additionally, you could go into first person, hold the targeting trigger and aim till you were on the mob. Lastly, with the keyboard, the TAB button worked flawlessly.

I have yet to find WoW providing anything close to this accuracy and efficiency. To be fair, this is most likely due to the lack of mobs, simplicity of the game, and no mouse clicking. So, props to you SOE for setting the standard in my book for targeting.

Here’s a video showing first and third person conning while running.

Props for selecting Cake.

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19 Responses to What SOE got right in EQOA: Targeting

  1. Tidal says:

    Honestly, the thing that hurts the most about this game is how absolutely close they came to absolutely nailing it and then letting it slip away. They got a LOT of things right, not just the targetting. The home cities were pretty good places that fit in with the themes of the characters there. The design of SFG was perfect for druids and rangers. Fayspires and Tethelin fit the elves. Monks started in a Monastery outside of Qeynos. And if you were drawn to those races and classes, chances are you were drawn to those cities too.

    The quests they did have did a good job immersing you into the game. From hunting Nubja and being ambushed by Snaggletooth on Highbourne savannah to the infamous red-haired bandit of the Greyvax caves. The game was just outright FUN at times and addictive. I know in some of my other posts it may sound like I didn’t like the game but I can tell ya for sure that even 7 years later, my love for what the game was is stilling pulling me back.

    Oh, and as to your post, yes, targetting was pretty easy. I didnt know what the colored circle around mobs meant, as I rushed into the game before fully reading the book. It didnt take long to figure out that red=death at low levels.

    • Stoney says:

      Hold your horses, we’ll eventually get to the other stuff that SOE did right! The stuff you wrote about the starting cities and then with the quests you mentioned… Almost made me fire up the game right now. Was Snaggletooth the skeletal dog? Nunja was a goblin and the Red Haired Bandit was from the 23 quests? How far off is my memory??

  2. Victor says:

    I don’t know about Snaggletooth but I know Nubja was for the level 7 Monk quest. Usually found wondering on a mountain near Highbourne. What a lot of people need to remember is mid-life for this game is 2005 and look at what SoE did: They made a great game with a great core whose strong point was amazingly well designed community aspect. Then destroyed the community.

    EQOA was a game that did an amazing job at really putting you in the game. Really giving you the feel that you’re in the world. Everyone just knew you spam LFG in BSI until 35 then go to HP. Perfect for role-players. What did we do? Added Auction causing two things: A noticeable drop in population and eliminated a big part of the community feel to it. After this SoE hasn’t learned and releases Tradeskills. Doing multiple things:
    -Absolutely destroying the EQOA economy causing another huge drop in population
    -Eliminated even more traffic going through towns
    -One of the selling points to role-players was that you had to earn your gear. Auction destroyed the community now there was no point in farming your gear. Ala 25 warrior farming bandits for Antique Breastplate(who remembers that?) when you could have someone make something better in 15 minutes? This was a huge selling point for EQOA believe it or not. Causing a second huge drop in population for the same stupid mistake.

    Then we release Frontiers in small quantity and have problems meeting the demand. It’s released- While CM’s play a huge part in today’s game was it worth the 4 thousand players it pushed away? I think not. I believe register came right after Frontiers was released thus destroying the last bit of community aspect we had in this game. Causing the mass migration to FP making the game seem to be doing better than it is. By this point EQOA just has lost it’s touch.

    The final straw for me was Lycanthropes it was filled with such lore until that. That’s also the day this Wizard came to Freeport with the giant gator form and FP’s population instantly cut in half. How something that stupid makes it into the game I’ll never know. *Remembers fishing the first day it was release with 100’s of people in BSI*

    • Stoney says:

      Dang, Nubja… I only made 2 or 3 monks really early on. But I think I only remember it in name. If you were to return, would you level the ‘old fashion’ way? That’s sort of what I’m looking to do. I returned to WoW after BC had been released and felt overwhelmed with the changes. Plus — I think the end game in EQOA gets to be a bit boring. I’m looking to grind to 50, go to IoD for a bit, grind to 55, get MC, then grind to 60. Then who knows where to go from there. Will it take longer? You betcha, but I’m not in a race of any sort. I think I spent way too much time focusing on getting to 60 as fast as possible and missed a lot of the game.

      I think the game was going to die anyway. They failed to bring out new content. Maybe the stuff you mentioned sped up its death but a console mmo can’t compete with the capabilities of an ever-changing, ever-updating PC game.

    • Victor says:

      What I’m trying to say is that this game should be the game SoE leapfrogs off of. Take this game back down to it’s core and build. Look at what SoE did with 5gigs imagine what they can do with 50gigs. With modern compression the world would be 15x the size. To picture that look up an EQOA zone map and put 15 of the worlds side-by-size in a sqaure. That would be the biggest game world- ever.

      • Victor says:

        Yeah I’d be willing to do that. When would you have the time to spare and play?

      • Stoney says:

        We’re looking at January… have another guy interested. I need to get a new controller, probably update my TV, and of course reactivate my account. I’m on EST, work 8-5 M-F. Probably a 6-11 during the week days and some weekends… which will turn into 5-2am, all day during the weekend. We all know how this stuff turns into crack. I’m actually interested in bringing Vent or Skype into it to avoid typing out everything.

      • Stoney says:

        Yeah… can’t even imagine. On a similar note, someone mentioned ingame maps… that would have been amazing. Those square zones based on S, E, NE, SW…etc. was really hard and annoying.

  3. Victor says:

    Have you decided on classes yet?

    • Stoney says:

      I just realize you’re the guy who posted on the kazam forums. Thank you for that! As for class, I’m interested in a pally, enchanter, alchemist, or ranger. If I ran heals, I would go shammy. It’d be ideal if a dual boxer was a healer, to eliminate the boredom, of course. Harbringer Zero and Moory have also mentioned returning so we might be able to role in a full party. Ideally I’d like 8-10 people so there could be people to group with when others aren’t on… or their alts have people to group with.

  4. Victor says:

    Yes I like that idea. I’ll just redirect everyone here.

  5. Tidal says:

    Victor, I thought I was the only one who felt that the LFG and auction system took a lot out of the game. I thought tradeskills were a great addition that was poorly implemented. Why is every other mob running around with these valuable gems? To that point, I think the increase in the rare drops helped make tradeskills irrelevant. It should have never gotten to the point where we were vendoring or junking 95% of the rares that dropped during a grind. Again, they got alot right, but alot wrong.

  6. bob says:

    from what i read, they tried implementing a map but it required too many textures (since the game itself would be running at the same time). personally though, i liked not having a map. it made it all that more immersive. you had to figure out where stuff was, like you were really exploring.

    Tradeskills were set to be released from the get-go. if you pop the disk into your puter, find a file called like words.txt i think, and it has the words “Half Elf” “Carpentry” and another tradeskill in there. This is how I found out about ZP before it came out. It’s name was in the file.

  7. Moory says:

    Personally, overtime, I knew where everything was in the game and where to go including all the shortcuts. I liked having no in-game map either at the time but we all know that’s a different story in today’s MMO games.


  8. bob says:

    it’s only a different story because MMOers are becoming pansies.
    atleast the wowers anyway.

  9. bob says:

    you guys ever get a group together? i was really lookin’ forward to it until the only job possibilities i had were at night. for example, i’ve worked the past 8 or 9 days from 10:30pm est-6:30am.

    • Stoney says:

      I think we have some people together… we haven’t started playing yet though. It’s been really busy for me with the holidays and end-of-year business stuff but we’re still aiming for January. If you have the funds and/or the time, start up an account and level on your time and maybe there will be days where our schedules cross.

  10. Locke says:

    Is this still going down? I’m looking to do some leveling on CLW with my 41 monk or 51 SK. I might even make a Shaman or Druid or maybe a DD.

  11. Replacement says:

    Wow, I wish I would have seen this when you guys were planning it.

    I’ve tried for so long to find a game with the same feel of EQOA, but I can’t seem to find one. If you were (for some reason) still up for a perma-grinding party I would gladly get all the necessary gear to play again. (And it just so happens that I love bards and druids. :P)

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