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A new reader posted a lengthy comment that had a lot of good stuff in it. After reading it a few times, I felt like it was necessary to look at all the things he pointed to.

Keep it up bro, I’m reading and will continue to read. I just have this little voice in my head and it’s telling me that you are doing this to see if anyone is reading.

First, thanks for this. I do this to curve the frequent interest I have with returning. Today I brought up EQOA with a friend that has never played and when I mentioned returning, his response was, “You say that every week.”

Freeport by the way. Do more complicated cities.

Correct. As for which cities I choose, it’s more based on what is available. I don’t have my own recording abilities just yet and am currently at the mercy of Google and Yahoo!

I love what this game was. I came back about a week ago and I just couldn’t do it. It’s not what it use to be, you sit on register for hours and hours with nothing to do in Freeport. No one will duel, no one will talk, no one grinds, they just sit there ass in FP. Yeah I know I can go to trees and pull; but what if I don’t want to do that?

That’s definitely at the heart of most returners’ experience. To be fair, you have to expect that experience. The game will never be what it was because EQOA was defined by the relationships you developed throughout your time played. Even my real life friends that I used to play with in high school have changed. We hardly even talk any more.

What I mean is that it’s the same game but different people. That’s why if/when I do return, I need a group to return with me. I really do think this game has life left in it as long as there are the right people (with the right mindset) in place.

The game is dead and coming very close to getting shut down. I’m guessing with the recent updates they are trying to get as much attention as possible and releasing the last few things left on the disk at once. Makes business sense to me. It’s be proven there are multiple things left on the disk. Even a half-elf race.

SOE won’t shut down the EQOA servers. With over 2,000 active accounts, it’s still profitable. As for releasing what is left: this is very likely. I never played the original EQ but I would imagine that a lot of what was created is based on that storyline.

And why not release it? I think this is a spot on comment for SOE. Then again, we all know damn well that Sony has often failed to meet expectations.

If it generates enough attention(say getting subscriptions back to 10k-15k) I would gamble that SoE plans to release.

10-15k will never happen again. I bet 99% of new subscriptions in the past 2-3 years have been returning players. My friends who all played WoW look at EQOA as a joke. However, I have some stuff in the works that can put EQOA back into the mainstream.

The current EQOA servers hold 3k players, I could run a dedicated server from my house for 400 or 500 USD and it would hold just as many people if not more.

Really? If you can really host a private server, I might consider financing this. I have looked far and wide for this option in the recent years. I think you’d get a hefty list of players interested.

Maybe that’s the issue with server merges? Could the subscription count really be over 3k?

I think there at most 3k total subscribers left on the game. That’s really based on the mmorpg population charts and statistics provided online.

Out of those 3,000 — I would give an estimated guess that 50% are the same player playing on multiple accounts.

If that’s true then we’ll say 3.5kx14.99/mon=56,000 a month. Which I can guarantee 50k of which is pure profit after the overhead cost. Also my estimate population count was around 35k. I remember waiting in queue the first few months. With the servers being able to hold 3k players they wouldn’t of added additional servers without the population being way over, and you have to remember MF/PPO were added at different times. 35k sounds about right to me.

Your line of reasoning here is pretty sound. I have no idea what the final numbers were. Most articles indicate no more than 30,000 and no less than 20,000 in its prime.

Again, thank you for posting the comment. I spent a ton of time on this game and am glad to see that other people still enjoy talking about it too.

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3 Responses to Response to Guest’s Comment

  1. Tidal says:

    I’ll say they made two huge mistakes with this game that pretty much killed it. And both are related.

    They made this vivid, vibrant world with no loading, and then proceeded to do everything they could to make it lifeless. They never improved the general mob A.I. except in the instance of casters. Every camp consisted of mobs standing still waiting to be killed. Changing the caster AI eliminated some good camps, and I get the feeling that the only reason that happened was because the backlash from the caster change was so harsh that the decided not to update the AI of other mobs. That’s only speculation though. Anyone remember the prison yard of Qeynos Prison and how choatic that was? Mobs generally milling around at random, smacking people? Well the rest of the game wasnt like that but should have been. Once people figured out how to pull, the threat of dying left, and so did the excitement. It truly became a grindfest.

    The changes they made to characters for the sake of “this was not the intention of our design” had the effect of pigeon-holing characters in a certain role and taking away the reward for skill. Warriors found a way to group together without a healer and get xp, but it took a bit more skill with quick small group heal. So they changed it. Bards found a way to tank and hold aggro against almost anybody. However their aggro was AoE and pretty much required precise pulls. So they took the aggro away from the songs and took away plate armor for Bards and Rangers.

    It may not seem like the two are related, but they are. If mobs were more alive and smarter, tanks would have less control over who took the critical and their taunts would be invaluable for crowd control. Bard songs drawing aggro would have been more of a risk because while it would be effective against one mob, a bard isnt made to tank 3 or 4 mobs.

    Combine more frequent death with the removal of XP boosts. Then add on CM gain time and all of a sudden, you’re not looking at so many bored characters with accounts full of 60s with nothing to do.

    One more mistake. No PvP server or Group vs. Group option.

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