Rez pls? Dying in EQOA

What an annoying process death was/is in EQOA. Exp debt, losing half your tunar, and having to find a rez made the whole thing more frustrating than most games. Plus, who can forget that damn loading screen?

Compared to Runescape, where you lost all of your stuff and then had to run back to your body, it was nice to be able to hold onto you gear.

Compared to WoW, where you had to run back to your body from the nearest graveyard, EQOA’s death effects completely sucked. You die in EQOA, you go back to where you are bound. Which could be across the entire map. No rezzer around? Tough luck, son. No only do you have debt, probably lost some cash, but now you have to spend about 30 minutes coaching back across the map.

To be fair, the game did get some stuff right. Not losing your equipment is nice but I’m thinking more about the ability to be rezzed even after logging off. Or how about the differences in LOS and non-LOS rezzing? That was a pretty innovative idea.

But that did not make up for the time spent banking tunar or asking around for a rez… especially as the game’s population dwindled.

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3 Responses to Rez pls? Dying in EQOA

  1. Tidal says:

    See I’m thinking that death on EQOA didnt mean enough and that it was too hard to die. Maybe because I played a Bard, exp debt didnt bother me, and I quickly learned to bank my cash before any trips out of town unless I knew it would be for a quest. Finding a rez was not very hard most times either unless you were bound in some god awful place like hagley or Wymondham.

    • Stoney says:

      I also played a bard and would agree that dying is a bit tougher when you have SOW, heals, and invis in your back pocket. I rarely carried cash as well but I do remember some times forgetting to bank and then having to run across FP to do so. Also, XP debt became a pain in leveling. Not only was grinding slow already, now you are getting just half of that?

      As for running back to your body and why I complain about EQOA deaths in the first place… I think I got spoiled by WoW’s system. Deaths in WoW take about 5 minutes to get fixed where EQOA’s could take 2-3 hours.

    • Victor says:

      Blakedown is my favorite place in the game. I spent a few days there on my second or third character because I was guaranteed to find a group at one of the surrounding Gnoll Camps.

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